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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Clicky Clicky

at first i started with this pic

and i sorta studied the css code for making layouts
and i sorta copied the font styles from a previous layout i used ahahahah...
some things are still wrong with it tho.
how do you think it looks?

next I'll make a layout using this pic:


oh yeah
to luckyviet: 17!? LOL how do I act 17? I think I act more like a 10 year old :| and thanks for the compliments on the html subject ^^
to beyblader: true. That's risky, but I'm almost 13 and I kno about life the way a 15 year old does for some reason.

Question for everyone: If you had an InnerSakura (answer this even if ur a guy xD) what would she/he be like? O_O
My Answer: she'd be swearing at every scary dude who comes within a 10 foot radius around me and make me deck someone if they called me an old hag O_O

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