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Saturday, August 19, 2006

ah... sorry for not visiting sites yesterday. sister was using it most of the time :|

also ill change the song later. I kno you guys will hate the bleach song ill put up later, BUT I LIKE IT! xD

btw hows my avatar O_O

....I kno this sounds sorta weird but I am dying to go back to skool. My summer blows and my neices are pure EBILLLLLL!!!. Every flippin morning wake-up call is a scream from those two. GAH! Theyre pure ebil, and they usually wake me up very early like 5-7 AM. CMON ITS NOT LIKE I HAVE NETHING SCHEDULED BESIDES SLEEP. (usually I wake up at 11 am.... ahahahahhaahh.... O_o) and If you call me a nerd for wanting to go to skool I will hunt you down ^^''

another thing.... I'm suppose to be in 7th grade this year. I kno, big surprise. IM ONLI 12!!!! Please dont eat me ;_; For those who are or have been in jr high... what's it like? O_O

OH. and I might change the layout later to Naruto. BUAHAHAHAHAHAAH *sugar* O_O

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