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Sunday, July 23, 2006


Saturday, July 22nd

I just heard about a blackout near the corner of my street. Thank god it wasnt my house ;_;

sorry for not visiting everyone's sites. i only had time to visit 8 people T_T

Also, I might also change the layout to a div layer
but first, i need opinions. what layout should i use?

1) kingdom hearts 2
2) bleach
3) random anime girl
4) full metal alchemist
5) dnangel O_O

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Saturday, July 22, 2006


Saturday, July 22

sigh i want to use a div layout SOOOOOOO BAD!!!!! But how on earth do you move your comments link right under ur post? usually when i try to do that it's always on the very bottom >_<
and also, sometimes when you use internet explorer u can never see whati have on my site because it seriously loads really slowly

o yea and sorry for not posting a while. I went CAMPING!!! and if you dont wanna hear me ranting on about it u can skip =)


OMG it..was horrible. THere were sometimes when it was fun. We went fishing and we caught a whole mess of fish, plus some other people were camping there too so we felt a bit safer =D

My neice did fall in the river and she PRETENDED to drown when the water was actually not that deep and we panicked for no reason

at night it was beautiful and we saw a lot of animals

i sorta got lost in the woods and it took bout 30 minutes for me to remember where to go back. O_O
and my sister and i got sick so we missed out on a few things. im still sick right now -_-

Well thats all i feel like describing. Gotta go sleep! GNITE EVERYONE AND HAVEA BEYOOTAYFUL WEEKEND!!

and! please visit skyler13
She's new =D

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Saturday, July 15, 2006


Saturday, July 15, 2006

sorry i couldnt get to everyone's sites yesterday, i sorta was busy with house cleaning and then i went to the beach near the afternoon, so i was only able to visit ppl who commented. =\

i dont have much 2 say again. cept im gonna go partyingon sunday. woot woot! x]

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Friday, July 14, 2006

you know whats sad. i have never finished hh1 and never played kh2, yet i think it looks awesome. and im DYING to play kh2 right now *sob*

i dont have much to say, cept, what's your favorite anime ever and why?

and also, whose better to you, roxas or sora?

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

I am going CAMPING NEXT WEEK!!! O YEAH!!! I'm onli goin for bout 5 days. thats all, and..! no computer.. *sob* I'll tell u guys all about it when i get back. it might be long so u can jsut skip it if u want O_O

yes i changed my layout again, teh div layer caused too many problems, and i have no idea how to move the comments link right under the post. that's too hard for me to understand. and i know how you guys might liked the bleach layout better, but i hate keeping the same thing over and over sometimes >.<

and to sharingan itachi, yea i was suppose to have the comp taken away from me a long time ago. isntaed, my sister is having to do some things wit the comp so it could take a qhile before she gets it fixed and rebutes it. and once again... NUUUUU MY PRECIOUS DATA!!! *sob*

P.S. apple pie. rocks.

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I AM VERY SORRY FOR SPOILING. i completely forgot about the english one for naruto -_-

and tank you all very much for your compliments =D

but honestly, i'm totally tempted to make a tsubasa layout, so i'll do that later tho.

and, i dont have all that much to say. so have a great day everyone =D

a question: do you guys have any good reccommended anime i can watch? I'm stuck on many of the popular ones, but i need new ones to watch T.T manga counts too

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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

It's amazing. July 10/11th and I still hear fireworks -_-

thanks for your comments yesterday =D
and truthfully i was gonna put up a div layer of
tsubasa or sasuke, but then it really really loaded slowly so i thought that might cause viruses so yea -_-
Teh Sasuke
layout looks like that, the only thing is that everyone sorta hates him now so im afraid to post it up and stuff O_O

One question for those whove watched the latest naruto episodes. what do you think of the new japanese episodes #160-190? whoopsies sorry for the spoiler O_O

also, if you'd for me to put up ur buttons on my site, feel free to PM me so, but only if we actually comment one another or PM one another. That is all O_O

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Monday, July 10, 2006

July 10th, 2006

Dam, sorry i forgot to visit a few of ur sites and sign ur guestbooks yesterday. ive been on the bored and lazy side a lot lately...

I dont like this layout all that much, but i still like it. whats better, the bleach one or this one? O_O

i'll try to stop by everyone's sites today. sorry if i dont. T.T

also, I'm putting up buttons again. if ud like me to post up urs, PM me, but only if we actually ever comment one another. im not putting up just random ppl -_-

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Sunday, July 9, 2006

July 9th, 2006

OMG IT WAS SO HOT YESTERDAY! i had to go to library and the car seat burned like heck, plus the ac broke so everyone in the house was practically half dead. unfortuneately one of my cousins went crazy and pretended to halucinate. it was funny but scary -_-

sigh...sorry everyone, but it looks like i'm gonna be out for another month or so. the laptop's reaaaaaallly havin lots of viruses so first my sis needs to fix it and then refresh everything. nuuuuu my precious data ;_;

i'll try to visit sites today if she doesn't start fixin it today. if i don't im sorry , and see u guys in a month! or maybe longer.... T.T

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Thursday, July 6, 2006

posted at 9:07 PM

Today was allright i guess. all i did was stay on computer all day =D

I have a new friend i'd like to reccommend. he just started, so be courteous please =)

his user is holy paladin

gnite everyone =D

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