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Thursday, August 10, 2006

I so very sorry for not visiting sites yesterday T_T
but the computer was being RETARDED so I couldn't visit sites for some reason. T_T

wellllll besides that, I had a freakin' hyper day yesterday. I had 5 pieces of jackfruit and lots of candy for some reason. I'm still shaking as I type right now O_o


Now back to Ouran High School Host Club. MUAAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

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Wednesday, August 9, 2006

OMG!!! I am currently obsessed with Ouran High school Host Club, so that's why I didnt update the last two days. hahaha... -.-

anyways I changed the layout! How duzzit look? And I did not make it :P

I dun have much to type so....

Q: What's your favorite anime pairing?

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Sunday, August 6, 2006

Sunday, August 6, 2006

PUHLEEZZZZZ Forgive me for not visiting everyone's sites. I did visit some but not all T_T

Also, I'll change the layout sometime today, since I have more time.

Sigh I went to a place called Downtown Disney which I haven't been to for a long time. I was all happy any everything, and my family just ticked me off because by the time we got there, all we did was listen to music and thats all. We went home. nobody talked to me because they saw a popped vein on my forehead. I was all

the whole time. O_o That was the crappy part of my day.

but then earlier this morning I went with my cousins to go see the movie John Tucker Must Die. Omg it was so funny. i like that movie x]

Then we went back to their house and we had a water fight with waterballons. I tripped on the hose and fell on my face and they all started ganging up on me and throwing waterballons, spraying water guns, and all that. O_O it was like tortue but with water -_-

neways gnite everyone. and sorry for boring you with my day lol..

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Saturday, August 5, 2006

Okay then. I'll try searching for a naruto theme, and if i cant find one i like i'll use the bleach theme. and if i change my mind then the random anime girl xD

also, I updated a fan art. clicky clicky longest time since I've updated, and it's random anime so it's not all that important for you guys to see, I know. -_- so u dun hafta see it if u dun wanna. I would appreciate it though. :]

Also... I've made a new site. It's SwordDancer. I kno it sounds a bit dramatic but oh well. I am a dramatic person and PROUD! and also for some reason I might half a slightly different personlity on that site rather than this one for some reason. Why? I dunno -.-

sorry for talking too much lol... gnite everyone! <3

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Thursday, August 3, 2006


Thursday, August 3, 2006

Sorry for not updating much, but I've been playing a lot of games recently O_o

not much to post today either, although i did read kakashi's gaiden. SOOOOO SAD!!!!! and kool, but i wont spoil it for you guys:]

Question 4 You Guys: which character from any anime series relates the most to you and why? It can be more than one character to fit your personality.

My Answer: Sometimes I can be obnoxious like Uzumaki Naruto, angry like Haruno Sakura, mean and sarcastic like Edward Elric, and just plain laid back like Kakashi. But then sometimes I can sorta be like Tohru Honda when I'm actually depressed, and reckless and a real tomboy like arisawa tatsuki...

was that too much? I said it could be more than one character O_o

Oh yeah, I might change the layout again later and it might be...

1) naruto
2) tsubasa again
3) dnangel
4) bleach
5) random anime girl -.-

what do you guys think?

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Sunday, July 30, 2006

i just rewatched the fma movie
so sad T_T

i went to Kabuki Japanese Sushi restaurant. SO HUNGEEEEEEEEEE and it was kool =]

Edit: I just watched a movie that my nephews and my bro and sis-in-law took while they were in vietnam. i msis it so much T_T

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Thursday, July 27, 2006


PM someone lonely 2 join! woot woot momiji!! I am a member! I feel so special x] jk lol

I gotz barely NETHING to type, cept that i noticed That it's been a problem locating links or updates on my site. If there are any problems at all please inform me so that I can fix it or use a new layout O_o

I'm gonna go to my first karate lesson tomorrow at my aunt's friend's dojo. Wish me luck O_O

gnite everybuddy!!

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Wednesday, July 25th, 2006

YESTERDAY WAS horrible AWESOME!!! The only thing that sucks today was that I had to spend today with my cousins, kevin and teryl, that are guys, and it was for the whole day. Oh, and my bro minh came too.

and this is what they said to me.
Teryl: Congratulations christina! You're one of the guys now!
me: ....
Kevin: I know! Now let's have a guy's day out, Chris...
me: *jumps and attacks like demon*


First, in the morning we played Medal of Honor. We went in vs mode, and i accidently shot down my own comrade like, 2 times. i kno! I SUCK!! -_-

then we played basketball. Kevin was on my team, and since Teryl sucks, and couldnt pass the ball to my bro minh right, we won. For the first damn time too!! xD

we also went skateboardin. I couldnt skate so I just rode my bike. T_T

Then we went to the beach and went fishing. I caught the 2nd biggest first, which was a bass, or i think i did -_-. muaha

So basically, i just relived my days as a tomboy
(for those who dunno, i was a tomboy. HARD TO BELIEVE I WAS ONE, WASNT IT? lol and im trying really hard to give that up, but that's harder than u think O_o)

and yes i know, this was a weird post


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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Okie dokie i'll use the tsubasa layout.
I'll start fixing it up later though

Edit: A QUESTION: Where and when was the most funniest moment you've ever experienced, and what was it?

< - - Skip if you Want - - >
Visit this
site only if you're really bored. It's sorta obnoxious so don't watch it if you dun wanna listen to some random stuff. plus it's about kingdom hearts 2 and Sora & Roxas Keep insaluting people
Demyx Wants Sora's top "shirt",
Riku thinks he's a barbie girl,
leon.... still on eBay,
Sora needs to learn how to drive.. o_0, and
Riku & Axel r tired of people pushing pause
see? its weird, plus it contains cussing, so watch only if ur bored T_T

and dont think of me as immature, like i said. I WAS BORED!!!

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Monday, July 24, 2006

-sigh- i had the most HARDEST TIME looking for a good kingdom hearts layout. I think I'll just go with dnangel or might switch my mind to tsubasa. if ANYONE has a good layouts//designer site about kingdom hearts 2, PLLZZZZZZ PM ME!!! wow i sounded so desperate O_O

which layout is better, Tsubasa // or Dnangel

I might not be able to visit sites today, or i might.

and another fwend, PLZZZ VISIT RisingTide!!! Trust me, once you get to know him he rocks. O_o

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