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Sunday, July 22, 2007

   A Long Week
Geeze it was a blast! Gotta love Matfield Lake! I'm going to sum up what happened to the shortest thing possible. Our theme was hero and we had a thing about ninja and canadian cheese. I went tubing and fell off when it jumped and was all... skip-skip-kersploosh! Our counsaler had to leave on the last day so we had a new one for a night. We teased her so much. First we asked her real deep questions about the bible she couldn't answer. Then one of us burped and started freaking out and when she asked what was wrong we told her our counseler used to beat us with a stick when we burped. Then we told her to open the window and she grabbed a stick. We told her not to touch it because it was the beating stick and that it used to be longer. Next we draged on about how great our old counsler was. It was a great night. In the morning we told her we were joking. I met ryoko98632 there and we had so much fun! It rained the whole time but we still had fun at the Paul Wright concert there. everyone was shouting, "There aint no party like a paul wright party cause a paul wright party won't stop!" clap-clap. ah... sweet times. Well thats just the gist but i got to go. Bye for now!
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