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Friday, July 13, 2007

   Artist/ Writer's block T_T
Hello. Sorry I havn't said much lately. I've had alot of work to around the house. I am thinking of posting some fan manga though. So far I have one inked. All I have to do is scan it in and add some things with Manga studios and add in wording. I'm having problems of thinking up Ideas for other super short stories. Aparently staring at a blank peice of paper doesn't get anything done, Lol. If any of you guys have ideas of what you'd like to see go ahead and tell me. I don't do yaoi, yes a shame to fan girls everywhere, lol, but then again i'm also to lazy to carry on a whole theme. Five pages and i'm bored with it.
Oh and Thanx to all who have supported me so far.

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