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Thursday, July 21, 2005

   This is a Great Title isn't it?!

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I love my titles, it's AWESOME!

I'm sorry that I haven't been posting and visiting a lot. I just ....play MS a lot and watchng anime...lol

The Harry Potter book came out and my sister already finished it, I haven't finished the first chapter yet, it's just too boring.

Yesterday I went to watch Madagascar with my friend and afterwards I get to play at her house! YAY! Madagascar was funneh! My favorite characters are the penguins and the old lady and I like the song that the Lemours sung: I like to Move it, move it. I like to movie it, movie it. MOVE IT! The credits had this song and showed all the characters moving it. lol, it was entertaining.

At my friend's house I went swimming. We did flips on the diving board. Sometimes we landed on our backs, it hurts! >.<

I had a great day!

Last joke: Shizuka got it right again! (wait I think....) I have no jokes today, sowwie.

See ya laterz!