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Saturday, July 2, 2005

   This is my subject! ^^

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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The End of School is the End of Childhood O.o

I like my subject! Don't you?

Today my sister went to Anime Expo...starts at 8:00AM(I think) to 10:30PM, I miss her. I want to watch ROD with her. Well now we watch ROD, it's really GOOD! We watch Pita Ten and Chobits too. But ROD's the best XP.

What layout should I do now? ROD? Chrono Crusade? Pita Ten? Full Metal Alchemist? Yeah, FMA....then Pita Ten, then I dunno.....what do you guys think my 3rd layout should be? Chrono Crusade or ROD? PICKY!

I defeated ToS for the third time....I kind of regret on not learning all those other attacks...but I can't.....and I wanted to get Falcon's Crest.

Joke of the Day:

A magician was boasting one day at how long he could hold his breath under water. His record was 6 minutes. A kid that was listening said, "That's nothing, I can stay under water for 10 minutes using no types of equipment or air pockets!" The magician told the kid if he could do that, he'd give him $10,000. The kid did it and won the money. Can you figure out how?

Last Joke:
Roosters don't lay eggs, silly!
Yep, most of you guys got it! And some of you guys had good answers!
RK, don't be afraid to answer em, it's not like we'll laugh at ya!

See ya around!~

Meepy ^-^

UPDATE: I updated on the profile part. ^^ Hope you read it!

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Sunday, June 12, 2005

   Good Morning!~

It's the end of school, well on the 16th it was. We had a lot of parties on that day. We had the promotion party. Then the bowling party. I can't bowl good anymore. And then on 6:00-10:00PM is the extravaganza partay. Let's partay! I got a caricature of my best friends and I of monkey searching. I don't look like myself, neither does anyone. And we went in the house to hear of fortune from the fortunetellers. I think it's all made up since they keep asking me what's my name and age. She says I would die in my late 70s. I would marry a guy from college and have 3 kids. 1 girl, 1 boy, and the last one is a "not sure." I would like the girl better. Yeah, that's probably true if I had that many children. She says I was slacking last year in school, I wasn't and I told her. She denied it. X_X And try making school funner for me. I did. She told me not to tell anyone about my fortune, but I told my best friend. We got the exact samething except the school funner thing.

At Disneyland, on Tuesday(6/14/05), we were chaperoned right? It was still fun still. But I don't like the rides, it's boring except the MAtterhorn! My friend ave us all pennies to throw in the waterfall and make a wish. I thought we past the waterfall so I threw it between the trees and I think I hit someone in the head. XP

Most of the summer I've been playing MapleStory and watching anime with my sister. I'm being LAZY and computer freakish. NOOO. And I lost one of my glasses lense........so I'm wearing SUPER STRONG glasses. My eyes hurt.

Joke of the day: (rate:VERY EASY)
There's a rooster on the barn roof and it lays an egg. Supposingly, which direction would it roll to on the roof?

Last joke answer:Kana and Mitz got it^^ IT's A...TOWEL! YA TOWEL! ^0^

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Friday, June 10, 2005

   Meep ^-^

Good Morning; Ohio!(lol)

This morning when I was still fast asleep I had a weird email dream,it was suspensful. But as I was still sleeping, I felt someone shaking my door. I thought it was my sister who wanted to watch Naruto with her. (not likely) And I looked at the time and it was 9:45AM, it's too earlysince I need at least 9 hours of sleep. So I said," Stop it!" But the door keeps shaking and my closet mirror is shaking and I thought it was an illusion when i saw my whole room was shaking. I said,"Would you stop!" Then the shaking stopped. I went out of my room and saw my sister coming out of her room. We exchanged our thoughts. It was an earthquake. COOL! lol

The last joke was: Candles don't burn up, they burn down. Shizuka, you were right a bit. Iy's not a bad answer ^-^.

Okay, today's joke is:
What gets wetter the more it dries? (easy one)

See ya soon~

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Wednesday, June 8, 2005

Hi! I had a good/okay day! YAY! Also to Kana no Hoshi- the background thing doesn't work. It turned into a gray box.

Well today, our teacher treated us (4 of my friends and me) to lunch because of good behavior. We chose Carl's Jr.(senior). I got french fries, small(looks large) cup of sprite, onion rings, and CHICKEN STARS! I keep repeating chicken stars. lol CHICKEN STARS! We had funny conversations. It was fun except my best friends didnt go.

The bad part was that when I came back from lunch. We got news that we have to be supervised when we're going to Disneyland. I mean parents brething behind of backs and slowing us down. Why did they do this? Because they don't trust us because of this one incident of a student in our grade who sent a hurtful message to another person. They are stupid. (we get to go to Disneyland for a field trip at the end of the year as a treat)

Another bad thing is that "geek" article on theotaku. Hey I'm not a geek and that is really OFFENSIVE!

Another good/bad event that happened today was the math test. I was the only 100% student in the whole grade. I was happy, but he's not taking it as a grade! NOOOOO!!!!!

Okay, the last joke was pretty easy wasn't it? Yes, it was river.

Today's joke is: You have a 5 inch candle, it burns 1 inch a minute. How many inches does it burn up?

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Tuesday, June 7, 2005


HI! I changed the background, could you still see it? Hope so. Also, I added a blog, nothing new in it though. It's kawaii though isn't it? I'll visit most of your sites soon, I hope.

Today, we were practicing our 50 states and one of the states had a picture of a squirrel(Oregon). He was so cute!!! XD Except Matthew was STEPPING on him! We were like: NOOOOO!!!!!! And I said the squirrel doesn't have its squirelly wrath like Foamy. (Foamy, a squirrel that cursing and rants a lot on this one site).

This afternoon. we had free time so we played kickball-basketball. You know what? This guy(Jack) kicked it and it went on the roof and fell onto another roof and feel on the bushes and we were like running into a lot of people. (school was out) It was FUNNY!

OK, I stumped you guys on that last joke! The answer is: Thursday was his horse's name. Okay, for the next joke.

What has a mouth, a bed, and runs but doesn't sleeps?

Find out next time! Start guessing! I'll visit your sites now.

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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Hey all

lol, I like that phrase

I made a new layout, as you can see. (or not) It's kawaii isn't it?

It's almost end of school, I'm going to miss it so very much. (not school but friends and nice teachers) *sniff* It's coming to the end where I go to a different school....eep

Sorry I haven't been posting, but I DID visit some of your sites! ^-^ I especially love Colette's comics. I want to see more. I've been playing MapleStory and answering emails. My emails are so funny. (^0^-haha) MapleStory is a bit fun, mostly about having fun dying. Well it's hard to level up.

Ok, from the last joke of the day. The first person was RIGHT! It was:
He bonked into the metal bar, yeah. Okay, next joke!
The cowboy went on vacation on Thursday and stayed for 3 days, but cameback from vacation on Tuesday. How could that be? For those who already heard it and want to spoil it, don't. Thanks! ^-^"

See ya around!


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Thursday, May 5, 2005


I'm sorry I never posted in a long time after the OSS trip. I didn't feel like it, but more info piled up and I forgot them. Well first things first, OSS was tons of fun! I made new friends from the other school. But it was tragic that we had to leave, and I won't see my cool instructor, Charity, and my friends again. ONe told me her email, she never replied. Well I miss them and Charity so much, I cried a bit. I'm too emotional. Well all in all, I had a great time and also I have new jokes. I'll post one each post and the answers will be on the next post. The food was great there, too. Especially the dessert! YUMMMM.

Here's a joke:

You may have heard this though:

A man walked into a bar and went straight to the hospital. What happened?

Post answers on comments...next post will say...to be continued...well anyways. See ya later!~

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Tuesday, May 3, 2005

   Funny Joke! LOOKIE!~

I had a good day...how bout' your's!? We had this skit thing, I got grouped with weirdos. This girl kept talking about the mall, popular, and richness for the topic. I was thinking of a different variation of that joke I posted some days ago. She likes Barbie, not right for my age....well she wants to be dumb so I guess she should be the smartest person in the world that took the backpack. Anyways, we had 45 minutes to do the skit today...we have nothing.

I'm going to Outdoor Ed next week! The whole week up in the mountains! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! Well gomen that I can't post till then. I'll tell you ALL about it later though!

This Sunday is Mother's Day, well guess I have to face my mom with this card with poems.(one of the stanzas are on the past post). *gulps*

We had S.S(social studies), we're doing this Greek Simulation. I'm Penelope of Athens. Today we got together in a circle and read these papers of Athens and then we make a handshake, chant, how we walk, and ....yeah. Our arch rival is Sparta. It doesn't matter that we didn't beat everyone, but we HAVE to beat Sparta. Unfortunately, they earned A LOT of Hellaspoints today(Greek Points). NOOO. Well our handshake is cool and our chant:
We say: "Athens, Athens, we are the BEST! We are better than all of the REST!"
And another one is:
We stand in a circle and each person say a letter. One say A, then next say T, and so on and so forth. The last person(me), say," And what does that say?" And we all say ATHENS! together.

We rule! Ha....-.-'' We walk with our arms crossed, too. So AWESOME! XD

We heard other teams say their chants loudly:"WE ARE ARGONS! MIGHTY, MIGHTY ARGONS. MIGHTY, MIGHTY ARGONS. WE ARE ARGONS!"

We thought is was quite good, but we said our chant louder, but our teacher said it isn't a competition. Yes it is!

Overall, it was a wonderful day! (o_O...long post there!)How about your's? Was it okie? Hope you all doing well!

See ya later...alligator!
Meepy (Wyoming)

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Sunday, May 1, 2005

   Meep ^-^

My friend told me this joke that happened during class and the teacher cracked up:

There were 5 people on a plane while there's 4 parachutes. There was the pilot(of course), docter, the smartest guy in the whole world, an old man, and a little kid. "Ahh! The plane is going to crash! Quick, grab a parachute and jump!" said the pilot and he jumped off. Then the docter grabbed a parachute and jumped off and said," The world needs me to cure." Then the smartest guy in the whole world grabbed a parachute and said," The world needs me to invent." And he jumped off. There's only one more parachute and 2 more people. The oldman told the boy to take the last one since he's old and about to die soon. "Don't worry, the smartest guy in the whole world took my backpack."

It's funny, is that smart guy actually smart? Also today, my friend's Tamagatchi is 22lbs(heavy), and we joked about being fat. "Being fat is healthy! Skinniness can't hold your bones! Fat is fit! Be fat today! Call 1-800-GET FAT today! Or go to our website at www.getfat.com today!(too)" I wonder if the website and number is a actually a real existing one. I wonder....We told this to my friend, Bunny.(her nickname) And she went along. She set me as a exaple we usually see on commercial stuff in the mail. This is me before, then after! Bunny just let me be the exaple for before, then took herself and Kristen(friend who made this all up) and stood next to me and said," This is after!" Wow...I'm soo fat. I'm healthy. Yeah..right.

Sorry, I can't go to your sites today. Maybe later. Oh yeah, when I went on, AMAZING!!!!! nobody updated today.

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Thank you for those who commented on my post yesterday! It's just morning so nothing's new. I was listening to music from KH I've decided to put 2 of em on mine. The japanese comes automatically and if you wanna hear the other one, you pause that and click the lil button below my advatar and hear something else. ^-^ (Woah, run on sentences!)

You know the font color black sometimes blends with the background? What font color should I use?