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Saturday, July 16, 2005

   Its been long, but i feel bad
Ok, like last week (4th-10th), I was at my gfs house the whole week, spent the night too. It was great. But on monday (11th), i did something really bad and now she's mad at me...and i feel awful. I said sorry and everything, but...she just wont accept it, i think everything will be ok, but i dont know, im just afraid, and like, I just dont know what im going to do...I really like her a lot, worst part is, that she wont talk to me about it. I really want her to be happy. And so i blocked myself on the site in which i had made her mad on, i promised never to do it again, but she just wont forgive me...i really really need help, and i really need some1 to care, but i cant force any of you to do that. <:'(, but if you wanna help, I would really appreciate it. IMing me on AIM would be the best...my SN is TruenoAE1986, well, i hope to hear from some of you

Image hosted by Photobucket.com i made this banner the other day in my sorrow..

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