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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Wowie's holding a contest ? Yessir !

All you gotta do is colour my lineart of Sakura from the anime/manga Cardcaptor Sakura. Just google 'cardcaptor sakura' you'll find her =]
As for her outfit, I created it, so YOU get to choose the colours, patterns, designs you put on it.

(if you want a bigger version or anything let me know)

Okay I lied, you have to colour my lineart AND draw in her face and your weapon of choice in her hand. You also get to add on ANYTHING you can think of to her outfit: wings, accessories, tattoos etc, a background too if you will. I left quite a few empty spaces that you can fill in with your creativeness !

1. You MUST tag your entry to 'wowie lineart'
2. Yes ! You can enter more than once if you really want
3. ANYONE can enter ! No need to ask me for permission
4. The sky is the limit ! Anything goes for your creativeness to my lineart, if you can make it work, I don't care if you give her one eye !

December 1 2007

. . . all I can do is draw you a picture of anything you want. With ONE exception ! I won't draw a fan characterXofficial anime/manga character. I told myself that CheekiSquirrels contest entry would be my last one of those
(The prizes may change and vary depending on how many entries I get and whatnot)

Frist Place - Maximum of 4 people (animals, creatures you get the drift lol) with a background
Second Place - Maximum of 3 people
Third Place - Maximum of 2 people
Fourth Place - Maximum of 1 person

To all the winners, you get to choose whichever medium you'd prefer, (pencil, inked, coloured etc.)
Whatever you want !

The main thing I'll be looking for when judging is how different and original you can make your entry and the overall look (if everything looks well put together), given the fact you don't get to do the lineart (well not all of it anyways XD)
You could make it super cute having her sit on a cloud in the sky or you could make her hold a bloody sword sitting on a pile of corpse.

So, hopefully reading all my rambling wasn't too excruciating XD I know there's so many contests going on and schools starting/started but if you've read this far, it'd be nice if you could enter :3 and you only have to do half the work !
Oh and yes go ahead and edit the lineart a bit if you need to

Okay, so if you have any questions, suggestions feel free to ask/tell me and I'll see what i can do =]

Remember, anything goes !

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