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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Bug Update
Read my lyrics.I finished making Mickey's Keyblade. I took some pictures of the Kingdom Key and Mickey's Key.
Here they are.
Sora's Keyblade.
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Mickey's Keyblade.
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Both Keyblades, and the PS2.
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When I was making Sora's Keyblade (Kingdom Key) I couldn't round the bottom of the handle. I couldn't add the key chain, either. I couldn't make the blade circular, so I had to just make it wide and plain. You'll notice I have two extra pieces of wood where the blade and grip meet.
The wood there was extremely weak, so I had to put those there.
The teeth at the top of the blade were horrible. I couldn't get that crown shape, so I just did it carelessly. As you can see, the top tooth is broken. That was very weak, too.
When I was making Micky's Keyblade, I couldn't round the bottom, or add the chain, or make the blade circular.
I was able to make the crown this time. I think Mickey's blade turned out a lot better.

I ordered a new sword. It's a scimitar. It looks amazing. The blade is four feet long. It has a huge curve at the tip. The handle is about a foot long. It's very heavy. It's just amazing.
I bought a lot of shirts for going back to school.
One was a green shirt with a Stratocaster and leaves on the front. It's very soft. Another one is from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
A picture of a knight in armor with stumps for legs and arms is shown. The caption says "It's just a flesh wound."
Another one is black and has a Stratocaster on the front. In bold print, it says "Rock On."
I have another one that's just the American Idiot grenade with the words "Green Day" going across the shirt. The last one is a red shirt with a Gamecube controller. It says "I have control issues."
I found a lot of great videos on Youtube.
Green Day Sidewalks Interview. Very funny.
You're fat.
Emo kid.
I have an awesome idea for a trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3. I'll post it later.Click.

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