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Thursday, June 23, 2005

She cry here everyday waiting for it to go away. Sitting in her dark cold room slowly dying day after day. A piece of her happy memory going away, she only see sorrow and pain in most of them now.

She always laughed her self to sleep thinking it was a dream."Non of this is real, non of it is real"she always chanted to her self. All she wished was for it to go away , slowly die away.

"What would have happened if i didn't happen?Would my mom be so tired day and nite.Would my friends be happy?Would everyone be better off without me?"

Scars and bloody bandages on her arm"Would this have happened?Would any of this have happened?!"She took the knife she new so well"..Its all over now.."

can you plz tell me if you liked it, ill also be posting other poems as much as i can

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