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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 03/28/07:
yay 4 sake tolerance jutsu*bottle in hand*

Life as a Naruto Ninja by xX_battle_acolyte_Xx
Your name
Your position is:Kage
A technique you made is:Sake Tolerance
Your money as a ninja is:$591,221,309,059
You are a _____ ninjastrong
In the end, you will........be a great ninja
One weird spectacle in your life is:You will defeat orochimaru

Result Posted on 03/28/07:

Naruto: Your "Ninja Life" by resangan-san
So, your Ninja name?
You're rankChuunin
Your teammatesSasori & Haku
Your best friendAnatsuki-Itachi
Your worst enemyGenma
Your fateYou eat, you sleep, you train, you breath, you die. =D
Your rating as a ninja

Result Posted on 03/28/07:

your naruto life (girls+awesome descriptions) by shocker
your full name
how old are you
narutois your boyfriend but secretly is having an affair with sakura behind your back.
sasukewants to kill you for making out with naruto
itachiyour ex boyfriend whos still in love with you
gaarathinks your extremly hot and is in love with you
shikamaruloves you because you are laid back and lazy like him

Result Posted on 03/28/07:

Your 'Naruto' Life (girls) [1000+ possible outcomes] by shinjitsu_shinobi
Weapon of Choice:
Your boyfriend:Gaara
Your village:Hidden Sand Village (Wind Country)
Your mortal enemy:Okiyou
Number of companions:8
Your fav. food:Miso Ramen
Your Jutsu Ranking:A-Rank
Your signature ability:Ikazuchi no Kiba - Lightning Bolt Fang

Result Posted on 03/28/07:

Naruto Kunoichi Life of You! Girls Only! by IluvKankuro01
What's Your Username?
What's Your Real Name?
What's Your Favorite Type of Candy!?
What's Your Favorite Naruto Character?
Weapon of Choice:kunai
Ninja Rank:Sannin
Main Color:Black
Best Friend:Rock Lee
VillageSunagure (Sand)

Result Posted on 03/28/07:

Your life in Naruto ~*Girls Only Please*~ by ElvenNinja
Village:Village Hidden among the Stones.
Ninja Rank:Jounin.
Who likes you:Gaara
Who hates you:Sakura
Yor best friend:Gaara
How well is your life going?

Result Posted on 03/28/07:
dai, kuro, please don't kill me!

<-- Life As a Naruto Character! Sorry... Girls only! --> by Memegen-Temari
What's your name?
How old are you?
Your favourite colour:
How many kids do you want?
Pick a ninja:
Weapon of choice:Jutsu
Signature Jutsu:Beast Human Clone (Juujin bunshin)
Your Kekkai Genkai:Byakugan (Hyuuga Clan)
Your Village:Hidden Stone Village
Your looks:
Your Ninja Level:Missing-nin/Nukenin
Kuchiyose no Jutsu:
You married:Kiba
Your child:
Your best friend:Gaara

Result Posted on 03/28/07:

Naruto-Academy Enrollment(girls only...detailed results...includes your naruto soulmate and how your gonna die) by Sasuke's Gurl
YOUR VILLAGEVillage Hidden In The Sand
YOUR RANKMiddle Ninja - Also known as a Chuunin, once becoming this level of a Ninja, much more skill and responsibility is required. Middle Ninja's now not only protect themselves in a mission, but the team assigned to them. Middle Ninjas usually have less time to train themselves, and spend their days serving the Kages and teaching Academy Students. Becoming a Middle Ninja is an extremely hard thing to do, and if accomplished shows a great amount of skill in a ninja.
YOUR NIN-JUTSU SPECIALTY TECHNIQUEJutsu name: Shield of Sand (Suna no Tate) - A sand demon jutsu. A large amount of sand, stored within the gourd that you keep on your back, will automatically move and protect You from any harm by becoming a solid wall. You are unable to control this reaction. The drawback, is the sand wall is not extremely fast, and will have a hard time keeping up to faster enemies.
YOUR GEN-JUTSU SPECIALTY TECHNIQUEJutsu name: Sexy Skill (Orioke no jutsu (sexy no jutsu) - One of Naruto's own original techniques. Basically it's henge no jutsu, but the user would transform into a beautiful naked woman. This technique causes nosebleeds but sometimes it doesn't have any affect on the opponent(perverts). But most people (mainly adult males of course) are affected. Even the 3rd Hokage was defeated by it. ;p
YOUR ALLIE(S)Sasuke and Gaara
YOUR SPECIAL TRAITS AND SKILLSyou have a determination that even naruto cant beat and you have god like speed.
YOUR SOULMATE AND HOW YOU METSasuke-you help him revive his clan.(it was supposed to be a one night stand but you got pregnant)
HOW YOU DIEYou go on a mission on a mountain top and you slip and fall, Knocking sasuke down with you. Later naruto finds you both dead at the bottom of the mountain.

Result Posted on 02/19/07:
i got gaara!!

Whos your Naruto boyfriend?!(GIRLS ONLY!I MEAN IT) by demonshadowangel
Favorite Character
Favorite Color
Your guy is...Gaara(MINE!MINE!MINE!)
How you met...You were attacked by his dog.
The first time you had sex with him...Made love with you and then asked you to marry him.
How many kids you have...1 set of twins.A girl and a boy.He loves them very much.
Will you stay together?Yes.
How long you'll be married...75 years.
He loves you this much
You love him this much

Result Posted on 02/19/07:

Sleepover with Naruto, Sasuke, Kiba, neji, gaara, and Shino by Lish
your fav color
who do you like most
who likes youNaruto
how much they like you
How much you like them
who has a secret crush on youNaruto
Spin the bottle winnerNeji
what the boys thought of you
Who you went to sleep withGaara

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