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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

you all are lame XD answer the dang questions. you've probally got nuthing better to do XD
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Dun Dun Dun. Aki has a new intro and for her new layout XD
Anywayz. Ello and welcome to meh site
Ninja Profile
Name Aki Miyazawa
Hair- dark purple
Eyes- red
Rank- Chunin
Village- sand
Team- Abunai
Team members- Aki, daikirai, and kuroneko
Squad leader- Kena-Sensei

S. Six Two
401. How many more pages you think we can make- beat's meh
402. Are you enjoying my quiz- sure
403. I think I already asked but are you/did you make good money from it- nope
404. Can you Surf- nope
405. *hugs* or *huggles* - *huggles*
406. Ever watch Lifetime- nope
407. Ever been/seen a swamp- yep
408. Ever gone fishing- yep
409. Ever gone camping- yep *laughs ebily*
410. Ever watched Unsolved Mystries- yep

S. Six Three
411. Do you have any tattos- nope
412. If so of what- none
413. Do you have any piercings- yep
414. If so Were are they- ears twice
415. North America or South America- north
416. Asia Or Europe- asia
417. What sports do you like playing- sports require work -_-
418. If none, why not- *stares blankly*
419. How long does it take you to run/walk a mile- 13 minutes d=
420. Do you eat Meat- yesh

Part Seven; Untitled

S. Six Four
421. So..Have a dream Avi- yesh
422. Does it have some item that will be close to impossible to get. yesh
423. If so..what item- that dang nitemare scarf
424. What makes you want it- it's pwettiful
425. Do you wear glasses- avi or mehself?

S. Six Five
426. Do you/did you like school - it's ok =/
427. why or why not- cuz i said, duh
428. Ever used the word 'yall'- yesh XD
429. Are your Garndparents alive- yep
430. Ever been arrested- nope
431. If so for what- never
432. Ever been in an ambulance- nope
433. If so..why; how where you hurt- never been in one
434. Ever been to a farm- yesh
435. If so what animals did you see- horses, cows, sheep, goats, the usual

S. Six Six
436. Ever been kicked out of Wal*Mart- not yet
437. If so for what- haven't
438. Am I useless- probally XD
439. If so why do you say that- cuz i could
440. What is emo to you- short assisted suicide emo kid *you kno who j00 are*

S. Six Seven
441. Finish these lyrics: "And will you tell all your.." .............?
442. Finish: "What is up with all my friends.."...............?
443. Finish: "I watched your lips turn blue, your eyes.."....................?
444. Finish: "Its all so Sugarless..Hooker,".........................?
445. Put any lyric you like. "chikity chine of the chinese chicken*

S. Six Eight
446. Do you like to paint- not really =/
447. Do you write poetry- nu
448. Or just writing in general- nu
449. Do you like The Theather- nu
450. Do you like Musical Theather-nu

S. Six Nine
451. Old cars or new cars- old
452. Cops; love 'em, yes or no i dunno
453. Ever been to Vegas- nope
454. If So what did you do there- never been
455. Will you say yes if I ask you too- nu XP
456. Ever been to Reno- nope
457. If So what'd you do- never been
458. Donald Trumps hairs is it really that bad- yep
459. Carrots or Corn- carrots
460. Bye or Later- later

S. Seven Zero
461. Can you Cook- yep
462. Can you Bake- yep
463. Whats your fave food- chocolate pocky
464. Whats your fave time of day- night
465. Do you watch Dr. Phil- nope Xq

S. Seven One
466. why did you pick that as your username- meh oc's name
467. Have you ever dreamed of Oprah- no
468. Or had a dream with her in it- no
469. Superman or Batman- superman
470. Spiderman or Uh..some other super hero- sum other hero XD

S. Seven Two
471. Pork or Ham. wtf's the difference?
472. nickle or dime- dime
473. Penny or Quater- quarter
474. Have you ever just stared up at clouds- yesh
475. Have you ever ran around in the rain- yesh
476. Baseball or softball- softball
477. Why is it Guys J.V. football but Just Varisty Football (Thats what It said in my yearbook)- huh?
478. How many yearbook do you own- *too lazy to go count*
479. How many schools have you gone too-3 *elementary, middle, high*
480. What grade are you in- 10th

S. Seven Three
481. Ever been to Sea World- nope
482. Ever been to Lego land- nope
483. Ever been to Disney Land/ World- nope
484. Ever been to Great America- wat?
485. Whats the best amsument park you've been too- 6 flags

S. Seven Four
486. Name on Counrty in Europe- why should i?
487. Have you ever cried while watching a movie- yesh
488. If So what movie and part made you cry- *punch* none ya damn buisness
489. Have you ever Cried while watching tv- nope
490. If so what show and what part ade you cry- *glaring*

Part Eight; Dun Dun Dun

S. Seven Five
491. Whats your fave type of food- japanese food =D
492. Ever play telephone- yep
493. Do you text message people on your cell phone(assuming you have one)- rarely
494. Are you the baby in the family- i dunno
495. Have you ever seen a ghost- wat??? dun you j00 see casper too?
496. Or an Alien- no xD
497. Do you like being Tan- i dunno
498. Tell me your weirdest dream- *twitch* never leaving my head *punch*
499. Do you like Mushrooms- nu
500. Wow, Question five hundred already..Didn't know I had it in me- congrats

S. Seven Six
501. Do you think I'll be able to come up with another five hundred questions- probally
502. If so how long you think It'll take me- a while
503. Ever been to the England- nope
504. Have you ever been to Africa- nope
505. Have you ever been to Iceland- nope
506. Did you think The muffin man was man- meh no kno
507. Coke or Pepsi- coke
508. xD or XD- xD
509. T.T or TT.TT- TT.TT
510. Can you understand this: |_`/|<3 |-|3|| 1/v| @vv50/v|30 - Lyke hell im awsome XD

S. Seven Seven
511. "Cute with out the E" or "MakeDamnSure"- no clue
512. "Change(in the house of flies)" or "Dope Show"- dope show
513. "Freak on a leash" or "Vioces"- freak on a leash
514. Have you ever heard the Emo Song- hell yesh XD i'm an emo kid nonconforming as can be*sings along*
515. "Just like you" or "I hate everything about you" i hate everything about you

S. Seven Eight
516. "Dance dance" or "Sugar we're goin down" dance dance
517. "Ohio is for lovers" or "Niki FM" um?
518. Gerard Way or Frank Ireo gerald way
519. "Helena" or "Ghost of you" ghost of you
520. "Nowhere kids" or "Bottom of the bottle" bottom of the bottle

S. Seven Nine
521. Do you the difference between a mall goth and a real one- yesh
522. Are you a mall rat- nope
523. Do you watch the Simpsons- sumtimes
524. Do you listen to the radio- yesh
525. Do you have an iPod/mp3 player- yep

S. Eight Zero
526. Do you like to swim- yep
527. Do you own a pool-yep
528. Is there a song you know all the words to by heart- tons of them
529. Did you still have b-day parties- they turn into throw random weapons at friends
530. Do you like to party- yep =3

S. Eight One
531. Do you like Waffles- hell ya
532. Do you like Pancakes- yep
533. Do you like Bacon- mmm... bacon
534. Do you drink orange juice- yep
535. If so do you like it with pulp- nu. pulp ish nasty

S. Eight Two
536. Do you plan to have children- i guess?
537. Do you even like children- not really
538. Can you do magic- =3 i can
539. If not do you wish you could- can
540. Are you afraid of clowns- nope
541. If so why- not afraid
542. Do you plan to go to college- yesh
543. Did you ever play little league- nope
544. Does your house have a basement- yep
545. Does it have a attic- nope
546. Do you even live in a house- yesh
547. Do you have a job- nope
548. If so where do you work- nowhere
549. Did you ever watch pokemon- hell yesh
550. Did you ever collect pokemon cards- still have them
551. Could you even play the game- yep *nods proudly*

S. Eight Three
552. Is it just me or did that last section have alot of questions- not really
553. Anywho..what do you plan to name your first born child- anna may xD
554. Have you ever eaten grass- yep
555. Have you ever eaten Dirt- nope
556. Have you ever eaten Cat food: dry or wet- nope
557. Have you ever eaten dog food; dry or wet- nope
558. Have you ever eaten Bird seed- nope
559. Have you ever eaten those berries that are poisoned- nope
560. Are we already at the end of another part again- sure x'D

Part Nine; Shiny Thing

S. Eight Four
561. Click here; did you actaully click the link. wat link?
562. Why did you click it= WAT LINK???
563. Did it steal your soul- wat soul?
564. So..do you coco pebbles- mm. choco
565. Or are youa fruity pebbles person- coco pebbles
566. Or are you boring and eat like chex- coco all teh way
567. Atleast you admit it- du not
568. So what Cereal do you eat- resses puffz
569. You don't say- i do say XP
570. Do you like milk with it- dur

S. Eight Five
571. Have you ever seen the movie JawBreaker nope
572. Do you like Basketball- kinda
573. demonic or angelic- demonic
574. Is your mail person a male or female- i have no cluw=e
575. The tuth or a little white lie- little white lie
576. Texas or New Mexico- texas
577. How long does it take you to know the words to a song by heart- a few listens
578. Alan or Aurthur- arthur??
579. Is it true that: "if its brown flush it down, if its yellow let it mellow' j00 freak
580. Do you watch normal cartoons, not anime - is there really a difference?

S. Eight Six
581. stripes or polka dots- stripes
582. Do you use public restrooms- only when i really really have to >>
583. Do you listen to Polka music- nu
584. How would you like to die- hmm =/ i dunno
585. Why do you say that- cuz i dun no
586. Do you have a garage- used to
587. Is it filled with junk- it's a living room now =/
588. can one cough and burt at the same time- yesh
589. Ever peed in the toaster- no
590. Are you good at riddles- kinda

S. Eight Seven
591. Do you own a real stop sign- yep
592. Do you know someone who does- yep
593. Where did they get it- the road xD duh
594. Why am I asking- cuz j00 have no life
595. How many friends do you have- wat's it matteR?
596. Penguins; yes or no- HHHHEEEELLLLLL YYYYYAAAAA...yes
597. Do you watch disney movies- yep
598. what did you have for lunch today- turkeh
599. What did you have for breakfast- pop tarts
600. Do you think I make this up to a thousand questions- yep

S. Eight Eight
601. Does your town have a mayor- i dunno
602. Or a town hall- um?
603. Do they hold meetings- i dunno -_-""""""
604. If so have you ever been- nope
605. If so what did you all dicuss- *punch*

S. Eight Nine
606. How many account do you/ have you had on Gaia- 40 sumthing
607. If more then one why so many- mules. use for event item hoards
608. Are they mules- all but 2
609. Do you know what a soduko is- yep
610. Do you think they are hard- nope
611. Do you like science- kinda
612. Why or Why not- cuz i said i did
613. What sciences have you taken; biology, chemistry, ect.., biology and chemistry
614. frog or toad- frog
615. Turtle or cow- cow

S. Nine Zero
617. n00b or newb- n00b
618. do you know what a bedazzler is- yes
619. If so do you own one- used to
620. Why do you know what a bedazzler is- cuz i had one at one time

S. Nine One
621. gummy worms or gummy bears- gummeh bears *focl*
622. brand name or store brand- brand name
623. Plumer or gardener- gardner =/
624. Is it the tought that really counts- nope xD
625. Why do you say that- cuz i could dangit

S. Nine Two
626. Do you get rare/random events- yesh
627. When was the last time you got one- a couple days ago
628. What was it; trunk, box, ect- wooden trunk
629. If it was somesort of a box what did you get- not a box
630. What it worth much- i didn't get a damn box

Part Ten; Pure Ice

S. Nine Three
631. Did you keep it or sell it- sell it
632. How mant Box/trunks have you gotten- a lot
633. How mant pinklinks have you gotten- none.
634. How much did you get- never got one
635. Do you even know what I'm talking about- yesh

S. Nine Four
636. emo boys = =3
637. emo girls = bleh
638. What do you think of when you think of Disco- um?
639. If you were to paint your fingernails what color would you use- black
640. Do you have a laptop-nope T_T

S. Nine Five
641. Are you in a band- nope
642. If so whats your bands name- not in a band
643. What instrument do you play- dun play one
644. Do you plan to go anywhere or is it just for fun- not in band
645. Do you play in the Garage- not in band

S. Nine Six
646. Are you tired of me asking questions that don't apply to you- kinda
647. per rock or imaginary friend- imaginary friend
648. If tomorrows yesterday is today then what is yesterdays yesterday tomorrow- yesterday
649. What is old, harry and fat- du mutter =0
650. yeti or big foot- yeti

S. Nine Seven
651. Ashley or Amanda- who they?
652. Do you like playing soccer- nope
653. Do you like running- no
654. Why was everyone happy when I said that there is not question nineteen- less to type?
655. So thats why huh- yep

S. Nine Eight
656. Do you talk to yourself- yep. *nods*
657. What turns you on- none-ya
658. what turns you off- none- ya
659. are you battery operated- possibily?
670. Ever wish... =3 hehe. maybe

S. Nine Nine
671. Can you play the drums- nope
672. If not do you wish you could- kinda
673. Can you play the bass- nope
674. If not do you wish you could-sorta
675. Can you play the keyboard/piano- yep
676. If not do you wish you could- i can
677. Do you like classical music- eh
678. Why or why not.- cuz it's old
679. Why you will you leggo my eggo- it's my damn eggo. you leggo
680. Do you think I'm stonded, cause I've come up with alot of random questions- who knows XD

S. One Zero Zero
681. Do you own any band Shirts- yep
682. If So who- *would name but dun wanna*
683. Where did you get them- a store.
684. Do you shop at hot topic-yep
685. If so why- cuz hot topic is the shizz
686. Do you like to play with fire- yesh
687. If so what did you burn- hehehe ^^""""""" funny story
688. Are you lucky- yep
689. Whats the best gift you've ever gotten- um......i dunno
690. Whats the worst gidt you've gotten- um..... i dunno XD

S. One Zero One
691. Have you ever been sunburnt- yep
692. If so how bad- not bad
693. Did it blister- nope
694. How long did it take to start to peel- it don't
695. How long did it peel for- it didn't
696. Did you get a nice tan after- i always have a tan =/
697. Do you like the beach- yep
698. Ever been on a boat- yep
699. Do you own a boat- nope
700. This is not seven hundred it is- it is XD
Part Eleven; You Whore..I mean <3 who you callin a whore, bitch?

S. One Zero Two
701. What color tooth brush do you have- purple
702. What brand tooth brush do you have- crest
703. What flavor tooth paste do you have- minteh
704. What brand do you use- crest
705. Do you floss- nope

S. One Zero Three
706. Are you random- yep
707. If so or not put something random- fukafukashita makura
708. Ever had a really kinky dream- no
709. Gaint Worm or Gaint Roach- wormeh
710. desert ot dessert- dessert

S. One Zero Four
711. Do you like to go to 7-11- sorta
712. If there was a question that asked you to bump fifty times would you- i guess?
713. Why or why not- cuz it means gold for me ^^
714. Do you know any joked- possibily
715. If you do would you post one- nope. my jokes xD you dun deserve to hear them
716. Do you find blonde jokes funny- yep
717. Why or why not- cuz they are just plain stoopid
718. Like muffins- mmm. muffins
719. would you ever have a afro- nu
720. Why or why not- cuz they ish puffy

S. One Zero Five
721. What was it three days from a week ago- @_@ i dunno
722. Do you faint at the sight of blood- nope
723. doctor or lawyer- lawyer
724. actor or singer- singer
725. mohawk or spikes- spikes

S. One Zero Six
726. Do you have a tan line at your feet; legs one color feet another- nope
727. If so how do you think you got it- i don't
728. grammar or grammer- grammer
729. Would you rather be blind or deaf- um......deaf.
730. Why would you choose that. cuz i could still draw if i was deaf o.o though i wouldn't be able to have music
731. Would you rather be skined alive ot burnt alive- burnt
732. Why do you say that- cuz. fire ish awesome
733. Would you rather die or live- live
734. Why do you say that- cuz bein alive is so much better =/
735. So hows it going- ok i guess. i'm kinda bored =D

S. One Zero Seven
736. Do you like pokemon- yep
737. Even been to Japan- nope
738. If no then would you like too- yep
739. Why are there so many seasons od pokemon- b/c there are so many addicted to them
740. Ever wish you were a purple blob- o_o how'd you kno?
741. Do you like Cracker Jacks- yep
742. If no then why- i like craker jacks
743. Do you spell well- i can spell, just not type
744. What type of computer do you have; apple, dell, ect- e machines
745. Do you think I worded the last question funny- not really =/

S. One Zero Eight
746. Do you watch CSI- yes
747. Which one do you like best; New York, original, maimi- new york
748. Why do you like that one- cuz i just picked one at random
749. Whos your fave character- um. that one person
750. Why do you watch it or Don't wacth it- cuz it was teh only thing on

S. Onze Zero Nine
751. Do you like rainbows- sorta
752. Do you know how rainbows made- light reflects off water droplet thingehs >>
753. Why do you know that or why do you not know that- skewl tought meh
754. Fresh water or salt water- fresh water
755. Why did you pick answer- cuz salt water tastes nasteh =/

S. One One Zero
756. Would you happy if said this last question- no
757. Why's say that- cuz then i'd have nothing to do
758. Do you like your name, in real life- sorta
759. If you should change it what'd you change it to- aki
760. If you should habe a super power what'd it be- hmm =D ninja powers xD
761. Why would you pick that one- cuz i ish a ninja
762. Would you use it to fight the forces of evil- nope xD
763. Did I just say the forces of evil- yes you did
764. Do you think I'm weird- slightly
765. Why or why not- cuz no one is normal

S. One One One
766. If could die and be reborn what would you like to be- a wolfeh
767. Did you just something like: 'a famus rich person' or 'some royal person'- nope
768. If So then Go and reread the question answer it again; if you didn't then never mind. xD- ok then =/
769. So do you own a car- no
770. If so then would you tell me about it- don't have one

Part Twelve; The Forgotten

S. One One Two
(I forgot 660-669 so here it now, sorry its late)
660. Do you like Happy Bunny- yep
661. If so how much- i have a shirt?
662. Do you own anything Happy Bunny- i have a shirt
663. If so what- stop asking D=
664. Whats the best thing you've seen it say- i like my music loud
665. Whats the Worst- um???
666. - There is not question 666 - but why not???
667. Do you even know what I'm talking about- yep
668. How could I forget about ten whole question- cuz you are just strange like that?
669. Do you find it odd I added them on down here- sorta

Part Thirteen; Olives Are good

S. One One Three
771. Have you ever watched a tennis game; tv, ect -yes
772. Have you ever watched a football game; tv, real life- yes
773. Have you ever watched a baseball game-yes
774. Have you ever watched a basketball game-yes
775. Have you ever watched a volleyball game-yes
776. have you ever watched Golf-yes
777. have you ever watched Some other sport-yes
778. Which was the most boring to watch- golf
779. Which was the least boring to watch- um?? basketball?
780. Why do say that- cuz it's the only half-way decent sport

S. One One Four
781. Are you afraid of the dark- nope
782. If so, why- i'm not
783. Do you have any phobias- yep
784. If so, of What- arachnaphobia (sp? fear of spiders)
785. How do you think You got that fear- no clue =/

S. One One Five
786. Are you a wishful thinker- kinda
787. Why are you- because i just am XD
788. Do you Day Dream- yep
789. How often- too often
790. What do you dream about- none ya XD ^///^

S. One One Six
791. If you could live anywhere in the world were would it be- japan
792. Why do you say that- cuz japan is kewl like that
793. Would you ever be a fire fighter- no
794. Would you ever be a cop-no
795. Would you ever be a Nurse-no
796. Would you ever be a teacher-no
797. Would you ever be a truck driver- sure. why not x'D
798. Would you ever be a Dog groomer- sure
799. Would you ever be a Hobo- sure
800. Why or why not- cuz i can be XD

Short Emo Kid



Buttons Coming Soon

Lyrics to Colors of the wind
You think I'm an ignorant savage
And you've been so many places
I guess it must be so
But still I cannot see
If the savage one is me
How can there be so much that you don't know?
You don't know ...

You think you own whatever land you land on
The Earth is just a dead thing you can claim
But I know every rock and tree and creature
Has a life, has a spirit, has a name

You think the only people who are people
Are the people who look and think like you
But if you walk the footsteps of a stranger
You'll learn things you never knew you never knew

Have you ever heard the wolf cry to the blue corn moon
Or asked the grinning bobcat why he grinned?
Can you sing with all the voices of the mountains?
Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?
Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?

Come run the hidden pine trails of the forest
Come taste the sunsweet berries of the Earth
Come roll in all the riches all around you
And for once, never wonder what they're worth

The rainstorm and the river are my brothers
The heron and the otter are my friends
And we are all connected to each other
In a circle, in a hoop that never ends

How high will the sycamore grow?
If you cut it down, then you'll never know
And you'll never hear the wolf cry to the blue corn moon

For whether we are white or copper skinned
We need to sing with all the voices of the mountains
We need to paint with all the colors of the wind

You can own the Earth and still
All you'll own is Earth until
You can paint with all the colors of the wind

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