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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

=D answer them. all of them. pl0x?
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Dun Dun Dun. Aki has a new intro and for her new layout XD
Anywayz. Ello and welcome to meh site
Ninja Profile
Name Aki Miyazawa
Hair- dark purple
Eyes- red
Rank- Chunin
Village- sand
Team- Abunai
Team members- Aki, daikirai, and kuroneko
Squad leader- Kena-Sensei

Part One; the orginal.

Section One - Randoms
1.Anime Or Manga - Anime
2.Music or Television - Music
3.Gaia or Myspace -Gaia
4.Lyk or Like -Lyke
5.<3 or >3 - <3
6.lol or rofl -rofl
7.Red lip stick or Black Nail Polish- black nail polish
8.Ghosts or Aliens- aliens
9.Cheese or Milk- cheese
10.Pie or Cake- cake

Section Two - Anime/Manga
11.Fullmetal Alchemist or Inuyasha. fma
12.Edward Elric or Alphonse Elric - alphonse
13.Sailor Moon or Drangon Ball Series - sailor moon
14.Usagi or Goku(usagi = serena) - goku
15.D.N.Angel or Fruits Basket - dnangel
16.Daisuke or Dark- dark
17.Yuki Or Kyo- kyo
18. .Hack Manga or .Hack Anime or .Hack Novel or . Hack Games - games
19. --There is no question nineteen -- - woot
20. Yaoi Or Yuri (I know xD) - neither *slaps*

Section Three - About You
21. Girl or Boy -girl
22. What color hair do you have - brown
23. What color eyes do you have - blue
24. How tall are you -5'7"
25. Fave color- red
26. Fave Band- eh......maximum the hormone
27. Fave Song- zetsubou billy
28. Do you think you are pretty- i ish normal =/
29. Do you have any siblings- nope
30. How old are you -16

Section Four - Music
31. Fave type of Music - 0_0 too many
32. Rock or Punk- um ^^""""""
33. Tacking Back Sunday or From First to Last- taking back sunday
34. Marilyn Manson or Disturbed - i dunno
35. AFI or Three Days Grace - 3 days grace
36. Linkin Park or Limp Bizkit - linkin park
37. Hilary Duff or Lindasy Lohan (Don't ask) - um. lindsay? i guess
38. Hawthorne Heights or Fall Out Boy - fall out boy
39. Vanilla Ice or Eminem - vanilla ice =D yay ninja rap
40. The Used or My Chemical Romance - mcr

Section Five - ???
41. Do youplay Video Game - yep
42. Final Fantasy Series or Kingdom Hearts Series- kingdom hearts
43. Cloud or Sephiroth - cloud
44. FFVII or FFX - ffvii
45. Whats your fave game- pokemon =D

Section Six - emoticons
46. icon_biggrin.gif or icon_smile.gif - biggrin
47. icon_redface.gif or icon_crying.gif- redface
48. icon_stare.gif or icon_xd.gif - stare
49. icon_blaugh.gif or icon_gonk.gif -gonk
50. Do you like the new emoticons yep XD
51. icon_scream.gif or icon_stressed.gif scream
52. icon_sweatdrop.gif or icon_domokun.gif domo
53. icon_whee.gif or icon_wink.gif whee
54. icon_twisted.gif or icon_evil.gif- twisted
55. icon_cool.gif or icon_lol.gif- lol

Section Seven - ...
56. Strawberry poptarts or Blueberry poptarts - strawberry
57. Cranberry juice or Apple juice - apple juice
58. Orange or Apple - apple
59. Lemon or Lime- lemonz
60. Eggs; fryed or scrambled- scrambled

Section Eight - ??? (con.)
61. Did you see Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children -nope
62. Cloud or Reno- cloud
63. FFVIII or FFX-2 ffvii
64. Which is your fave FF eh.
65. Yuna or Lenne- yuna

Section Nine - About You(Con.)
66. Hair; long or short- long
67. Hobbies- comp, listening to music, playing on comp. ^^"""
68. Fave pair of shoes- eh... meh etnies
69. In a relationship- nope
70. Have you ever been in love- *cough*

Part Two; The new.

S. Ten - Uh...
71. Whats your fave anime- Naruto
72. Whats your fave manga- kill me kiss me
73. Lime Green or Hot Pink- lime green
75. Futurama or Family Guy- family guy

S. Eleven - Yeah..
76. How long have you been on Gaia- nov 06
77. How did you find out about Gaia- shonen jump
78. Are you questing for something- yep. my items i sold to buy other stuff -_-
79. Do you have a mule; is this a mule yesh. 40 sumthin mules actually ^^
80. You think Gaia is goin' down hill- yesh -_-

S. Tweleve - Hmm...
81. Whats you fave T.v. show naruto
82. Channel six or Channel Seven- i dun have those
83. You watch any of the Law And Orders- sometimes
84. TLC or Discovery - discovery?
85. Disney or Nick- nick

S. 13 - Numbers...
86. How far did you get in math eh. i'm in .uh honors alg 2. atm
87. Whats 2+2 fish
88. Do you add or Divide first uh.....divide
89. Do you like math- it's ok
90. 2 + 4 - 3 + 4 x 5 / 5 = 7

S. Fourteen - Stalker
91. Where do you live- in a house

S. Fifteen - Wha?
92. "Wings of Pestilence" or "Your so Last Summer'- what's that?
93. "Animal I have become" or "Burn"- animal i have become
94. Sugarcult or Hole- ara?
95. Classic rock or Rock now adays- both

S. Sixteen - Wha? Again
96. "Girls not Grey" or "Miss Murder" um. not sure
97. Do you like Cats- no
98. Bath or Shower- both
99. Taco Or Chicken- taco
100. I've got nothing..- congrats

S. Seventeen - Losing it.
101. Mall or staying home- home
102. Creppy Old Man or Little crying child- child
103. Hot neighbor or Hot freind of sibling- neighbor
104. You Smoke/Drink- nope
105. Do you know CSS or HTML- yep XD i knowz both

S. Eightteen - ...?
106. Santa or Satan- 0_0 there both equally bad
107. Internet dating or real life dating- rld
108. Ever tried drugs- nope
109. "Note to Self" or "The Lastest Palgue"- note to self
110. Is it sunny right now where you live- nope. just a moon

S. Nineteen -
111. Can you count by ones- yep
112. Are you a poll whore- yep xD
113. Whats your fave forum- Gaia Exchange and Chatterbox
114. Have you ever been an exchanger- sorta
115. Did you make your profile- nope XP

S. Twenty -
116. Tell me something Random- spork
117. Bored or Board- bored
118. wood or would- wood
119. Scotch or duct tape- duct tape 0w0
120. Are you tired of answering my questions- not really

S. Twenty One -
121. What year did you come to life in 1992
122. Winter or Fall. winter
123. Summer or Spring- spring
124. Did you get question ninety correct. i think so?
125. Did you know your name is Carl- 0-0 i thought my name was sally XP jk
126. Can you Dance- cha cha slide xD
127. Can you sing well- nope
128. Can I have your phone number (just kidding, or am I?)- you could if i could actually remember it ^^"""
129. Can you play the Guitar- air guitar =D
130. Coal, does it keep you warm- nope

S. Twenty Two -
131. Chess or checkers- checkers
132. Dress up or Playing house - dress up
133. Star Wars or Star Trek- star wars
134. Potato or Tomatoe- potato
135. would you call me an emo- would you like a free box of razor-o's?
136. Dog or Dawg or Dogg- dog
137. Monday or Friday- friday
138. Sonny Moore or Adam Lazzara- who they?
139. Did ever fail spanish- not took spanish
140. Shall we go on with more questions or just stop here- go on=D

Part Three; Holy I got Past 100

S. Two Three -
141. <.< or @.@ - @.@
142. <(' '< wink or (>' ')> (>'')>
143. Do you use Bad Language- yep
144. Can you speak more then one language- i can say words ^^""""
145. If so What- german,french, japanese, spanish

S. Two Four -
146. Lyh oui nayt drec? um...
147. Do you know what Language Question 146 is in- i dunno XD let's say latin
148. Pouvez-vous lire ceci ? merp?
149. What lang. is question 148 in- french?
150. ちょっと読んだこれをできるか。- squares =D

S. Two Five -
151. How many questions you think I can come up with- 1600 sumthin
152. Lyke h0w Much gld d0 u hve 2.5k
153. Heater or fan heater
154. Fan Girl or Fan Guy -meh ish fan girl
155. Does your ear hurt -nope

S. Two Six
156. You think I'll ever stop- eventually
157. Can you hear me now- good
158. Do you have a cell phone- yep
159. If so Can I call it (don't ask, running out questions)- like i said b4, if i knew my # you could
160. Will you marry me- nope
161. When did the stock market crash - durin the great depression thingeh
162. Did you fight in WWII- nope
163. Do you have make up on- nope
164. Why are you taking my quiz- cuz i'm bored
165. Are you Crazy- possibily

S. Two Seven
166. Have you ever been a little boy- nope
167. Do you know what hot dogs are made of- yes =D
168. If So please don't tell anyone- aww. but why not?
169. Do you have secrets- yep
170. Are they ones that you'll take to the grave- i dunno xD

S. Two Eight
171. 80's or 90's- 90
172. 70's or 60's- 70
173. 40's or 50's- 50
174. Name one Classic rock band- Led zepplin
175. Name one 80's hair band- um...kiss? i guess
176. Name one Early 90's grunge band- i dunno
177. Whats my real name- bob =0
178. Where's the beef- in teh cow
179. Howdy or Hiya- hiya (cold sake)
180. Ever have your car jacked- nope

S. Two Nine -
181. Did you know Crack Is Wack- really? never would guessed XP

S. Three zero -
182. Have you ever owned a horse- nope
182. Ever owned a dog- yep
183. ever owned a cat-yep
184. ever owned a turtle- yep
185. ever owned a rabbit- nope
186. ever owned a Hamper- nope
187. ever own a duck- yep
188. ever own mice- yep
189. ever own a snake- nope
190. ever pwned- XP

S. Three One -
191. Do you know how to set the time on a Vcr- nope
192. Do you know how to set up your computer- yep
193. Have you ever failed a class- nope
194. Are you in high school- yep
195. Do you know Jeff Gordons sister- nope
196. Do you know who Jeff Gordon is- yep
197. Or which ones sister I know- ara?
198. Did I just confuse you- yep xD
199. Whats the most Expensive item on Gaia- angelic halo =D
200. Do you know what N.A.S.W.E. stand for- nope

S. Three Two
201. Did We just get past two hundred questions- yep
202. What did you have for dinner- pizza
203. What did you drink with dinner- coke
204. ever eaten at a diner- yep
205. Jrock or Jpop- jrock
206. POTC or LOTR- lotr
208. AIM or MSN- aim
209. Did you there are more pictures of me then my sis in the room I'm in- ok then?
210. So..What time is it- 10:33 p.m

Part Four; The yet to come

S. Three Three
211. You going to keep going even if I add one hundred more questions- probally
212. Do you love your Family- yep
213. Does your Older siblings have hot older freinds- wat siblings?
214. If not why, whats wrong with them- NO SIBLINGS D=
215. What do you plan to do with yourself in life- get a job D=
216. Guess what type of jewelry I'm wearing- none
217. What colors, if any- none
218. Why did you say that- cuz i could =P
219. What does the braclet on my left wrist say- merp?
220. Did you dog just fart- proballyXD

S. Three Four
221. Did you ever have a neopets account- i think
222. If so how many years old is it- i dunno
223. Why did you join- cuz i could?
224. Why am I asking about neopets- cuz you can
225. Did you have extra rare painted pets- wat?

S. Three Five
226. Be honest, have you seen all the Harry Potter Movies- nope
227. And Read all the books- nope
228. I bet you read all the LOTR books too-nope
229. And Saw all those movies too- not seen a one
230. Have you lied about any answers yet- nope

S. Three Six
231. What would you do for a klondike bar- *quack quack* j00 ded
232. Oh..you'd do that huh- probally

S. Three Seven
233. Ever hugged a tree- hit some with hammers
234. Ever dreamed about school.- do nightmares count?
235. Ever have a nightmare that now doesn't seem scary- nope XD
236. Do you remeber your dreams- some
237. Whats teh most common theme- um ^^""""""
238. Ever dreamed about fire- yep ^^
239. Or about driving- nu
240. Why Am I asking- cuz you have nuthin better to do?

S. Three Eight
241. Why have I been listening to a song from Final Fantasy for about the last two or so hours- repeat button is evil
242. Who do you consider to be emo music- *cough* dee*cough cough*
243. Wanna talk more about neopets cause Its just that awsome- nope
244. Good cause I was running out of topic, when was the last time you were on your account- heck if i kno?
245. Ever gotten a warning from the tnt- teh who?
246. So do you like raspberry, orange, pineapple sherbet- rasberry
247. Why is it called the neoboards, why new piece of wood- cuz people are unoriginal
248. Anywho..ever gotten in trouble on Gaia- nope
249. If so for what- haven't
250. Gosh your naughty.- -_- freak

S. Three Nine -
251. Rose or Lily- rose
252. Rap or Hip hop- hip-hop
253. Choir or Drama- drama
254. Math or Science- math
255. English or History- history

S. Four Zero
256. Are you tired- yesh
257. What did you do today- toured a college
258. Why is my sister trying to kick me off the computer- cuz she can
259. So are you listening to music, cause I swear I always am- yep
260. Do you know what a mall goth is- yep

S. Four One -
261. Finish these lyrics: "Your friend will like you.."...........
262. Finish these lyrics: "Boys like you are..".................
263. "Hes not around hes.." .........................?
264. "What follows.." .................................?
265. "I can not get to my.." (You wont know this one. xp) .....................?

S. Four Two -
266. How many times have you been out of the state you live in (assuming you live in the us, sorry.) too many times =/
267. Ever been to Mexico- nope
268. Ever been to Canada- nope
269. Where the best place you've ever visted- south carolina
270. Why- giant crane game *is addicted*

S. Four Three
271. so..Deer or Bear- deer
272. Ever been to a wedding- yep
273. Do you know what Cajon or Mesa is in Spanish. nope
274. Whats Today. tuesday
275. Fave actor- none
276. Fave Movie- um.......spirited away =D
277. Guess what I'm taking in summer school- nuthing?
278. Fish or Shrimp- fish
279. Monkey or Human.- human
280. Wow, did we really make it this Far- amazing =0

Part Five; And the ball keeps Rollin

S. Four Four
281. Do you watch Adult Swim- hell ya
282. If so What shows do you like- fma, bleach, deathnote, blood+, *keeps naimng*
283. If its anything other than FMA, Why do you like it. cuz it's kewl unlike j00
284. Have you gotten that I'm like in love Fma. yep
285. And With FF, but I think I love it more. congrats
286. Did I really see a commerical for Peewee's play house possibily
287. Small Car or A Truck- truck
288. Would you ever join the Military- nope
289. What are your thoughts on Chuck Norris- *focl*
290. Did I really just ask about CN- yes j00 did

292. Mini golf or the real thing- mini gold
293. Do you know what OTL is- nope
294. Two hand touch or Flag or Tackle Football- tackle football
295. Tennis or Badminton- tennis
296. Do You luff me- nu
297. Did you ever play pokemon for gameboy- hell ya
298. If so Which colors- yellow, blue, red, silver,gold, sapphire, emerald, ruby, crystal, leaf green, fire red
299. Yahoo or Google- google
300. Do you drink Coffee- yesh 0w0

S. Four Six
301. Do you have a fave not anime t.v. show- yesh
302. Do you think the questions I'm asking are random- not at all
303. So...Family Guys on..so that are next topic, kay- kk
304. Good, so Why is Peter an Utter Moron- cuz the show creator made him that way
305. Do you think Meg is an Emo- eh =/
306. Why do you always see fat naked people on that show- cuz you can
307. Do they want me to be blind- probally
308. As I thought, You think I'm right- i dunno
309. Does anyone even like FG anymore- i dun watch it much
310. @.@ Uh..So who is your fave characer from Family Guy- eh. stewie?

S. Four Seven
311. Whats your fave Gaia Donation Item- horns of the demon
312. Have you ever donated to Gaia-yep
313. What do you think is the lamest Donantion Item- mecha forma and g-bot
314. Don't you hate Inflation- yes *spazz*
315. So have you even made any gold from taking this- not a single gold

S. Four Eight
316. Do you feel old- nope
317. Are you a child at heart- yep
318. Do you like Ice cream- yep
319. If so whats your fave flavour- cookies and cream
320. OR do you like sherbet better- bleh >>

S. Four Nine
321. So..back to final Fantasy cause that everyones fave topic, right- i guess?
322. I didn't ask but did you enjoy FFVII: AC i guess
323. Who had the best Silver hair; Kadaj, Yazoo, Loz or Sephiroth- sephiroth
324. Tifa or Aerith- aerith
325. Why do You love FF (Cause I know you do damnit!)- i don't

S. Five Zero
326. Having fun raising your post count and gold i'm not
327. Do you believe Elvis was an Alien- nu
328. Would you ever Streak- nu
329. If so where or when would you do it- not gonna
330. Do you think it would be fun- i dunno =/

S. Five One
331. Robot Chicken..now aint that a funny show- not really
332. Yup..its sometimes really random, don't you agree- i dunno
333. Ever see the one were linday Lohan totally Kicked Hilary Duff's a**..well I think they were sword fighting.. um. no.
334. Do you even know what I'm talking about not a clue
335. Yeah I didn't think you would either- good XD

S. Five Two
336. Post one of your fave emoticons =3
337. I type badly don't I- better than i type
338. Tell me I don't see robot chicken episode invloing FFVII.- i dunno
339. Cruel, but funny I know, right- *punches*
340. Anyone else notice I have a lack of punctuation? nu

S. Five Three
341. ... or ??? ???
342. Am I aking to many 'or' questions nope
343. What Creeps you out- hehehehe stuffz
344. Is there anything you just hate more than anything else- spiders
345. Or maybe I someone you hate- *plotz ebily* noone at all ^w^

S. Five Four
346. Oh joys InuYasha Is on..guess thats our new topic..Cause I know you don't care, right- woot
347. InuYasha or Sesshoumaru- seeshy teh fluffeh
348. Kagome Or Kikyo- kagome
349. Most memorable moment in your life- wat?
350. Worst moment your life (Doesn't have to be too personal)- no clue

Part Six; Damn Its past Midnight

S. Five Five
351. If you don't like anime/manga why are you on gaia- i luffs manga/anime
352. Do you still think Gaia is considered an 'anime roleplaying community' anymore- very little
353. Whats your fave saying- freak
354. Do you like Gaias new layout (you had to know that was going to come)- it's better than the old one
355. How many Gaia layouts have you been through- a bunch ^^"""
356. I don't think question 355 made sense did it (oh well it is like one in the morning)- sorta
357. Ever been chased by a hobo- nope
358. If so, when and where- nope
359. Also did that hobo have a knife- no hobo
360. Lobster or Crab- crab

S. Five Six
361. Ever seen the show the Nanny- yesh
362. Soccer or Volleyball- volleyball
363. California or Florida- california
364. New York Or New Jersey- new york
365. Boxers or Briefs- boxers
366. Bologna or Somethine else- sumthin else
367. Can one cough and snize at the same time- yesh
368. Carpet or Hard wood floor- carpet
369. Do you know what cards make a Royal Flush ace, king, queen, jack, 10?
370. Ever gambled- yesh 0w0

S. Five Seven
371. Wal*Mart; Yes or no. hell ya
372. Who is your fave Admin- ehhhh. lanzer =D
373. Do you know pretty much what the ToS says- sorta
374. How many American Pie movies have you seen- 0
375. Hello Kitty or Care Bear- hello kitteh
376. Do you read Magazines- yep
377. If so which ones- shonen jump
378. Orange or Yellow- orange
379. Blue or Purple- purple
380. Pink or Red- red

S. Five Eight
381. Dress or Skirt- skirt
382. Shorts or Pants- pants
383. Whats the biggest word you know- supercalifragiliciousexpealidocious (sp?)
384. What does it mean- something *nods*
385. Where did you learn the word from- um......the umm... mary poppins

S. Five Nine
386. What do you like about Gaia- people to talk to
387. What do you like about your avie- horns =D
388. This question does not exist- oh really?
389. Mickey D's or Burger King mickeh d's
390. How many hours do you spend on Gaia a day- too many ^^"""""

S. Six Zero
391. If You should Created the perfect boyfriend/Girlfriend would you- probally not
392. What would they look like- wat one?
393. What you they be like, personality wise- *punches again*
394. Ever been to San Francisco- nope
395. Ever been to San Diego- nope

S. Six One
396. Do you know how to Skii- nope
397. Do you know how to Snowboard- sorta
398. Do you know how to Skateboard- sorta
399. Do you know how to dive- sorta
400. Is this really question four hundred- omg xD

Short Emo Kid



Buttons Coming Soon

Lyrics to Colors of the wind
You think I'm an ignorant savage
And you've been so many places
I guess it must be so
But still I cannot see
If the savage one is me
How can there be so much that you don't know?
You don't know ...

You think you own whatever land you land on
The Earth is just a dead thing you can claim
But I know every rock and tree and creature
Has a life, has a spirit, has a name

You think the only people who are people
Are the people who look and think like you
But if you walk the footsteps of a stranger
You'll learn things you never knew you never knew

Have you ever heard the wolf cry to the blue corn moon
Or asked the grinning bobcat why he grinned?
Can you sing with all the voices of the mountains?
Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?
Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?

Come run the hidden pine trails of the forest
Come taste the sunsweet berries of the Earth
Come roll in all the riches all around you
And for once, never wonder what they're worth

The rainstorm and the river are my brothers
The heron and the otter are my friends
And we are all connected to each other
In a circle, in a hoop that never ends

How high will the sycamore grow?
If you cut it down, then you'll never know
And you'll never hear the wolf cry to the blue corn moon

For whether we are white or copper skinned
We need to sing with all the voices of the mountains
We need to paint with all the colors of the wind

You can own the Earth and still
All you'll own is Earth until
You can paint with all the colors of the wind

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