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Saturday, October 28, 2006

heelo all! i hope everyone had a great week! mine was alright i suppose...

ooooh on wednsday in youthgroup, we played this game called bigger and better. we started off with a penny, went door to door and asked poeple if they had anything bigger and better then a penny, and then you just keep trading up.
my group went from a penny to a vaccum to a COUCH! we carried that couch for damn near two blocks, then we called for back up and got a roller thing, and pushed it for about 3 more blocks! it was soo.... heavy. T.T

aah yesterday i went to my friend Ari-chan's house, and spent the night. we painted her room! it was fun... she has chickens and they do frighten me.

hm other than that, not much else has happened.

*HUGS* have a good day, my friends, and im very sorry i havent been able to get to all your sites!! i'm very busy latley, bacuase its the end of the quarter and we're being piled with homework... *sigh*


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