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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Hello, Old Friends.
Well... I haven't been back to this site in a looong time. It's strange... Haha. I'm not returning... rather, I'm just here to say hello and goodbye to old friends. Y'know, this old site used to mean a lot to me, now, what with high school, and the strange group of freinds that I've happened to aquire since I last posted here, I jsut haven't had much time at all. I don't expect that many people will stop by to read this, but, if you do, and I knew you before I left... Thank you for reading my posts, and being a friend to me, even though we never met, and likely never will.
Well, as to my life now, I have a group of misfit friends, we call ourselves The Seven. Recently, I can be thanked for turning them all into diehard FMA fans. (^^) So, yay me? Haha, now we all have names of the seveb homonculous. It's pretty great. Also, my silly boyfriend got me the FMA State Alchemist's pocket watch! (oO) It's very pretty. I love it (^^) Hehe.
Well, thats all for... well, I don't know how lone. But, I will miss you all, and still remember fondly all of you.



Ps. If anyone here happens to be on www.gaiaonline.com (adorable site...) Well, my user name is Cheza Calanthe, if you'd like to add me.
Take care!

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