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Monday, October 23, 2006


wow... im really sorry i havent been on in so long guys! i feel so bad... but im actually going to take and OFFICIAL hiatus this time... im rather busy with school, and since im actually not allowed to be on here, technically, i have to be more carefully, since the tirannical mother says i cant be on deviant art anymore (ERGH!) i'm being watched *shifty eyes*

anyways, my b-day was a couple of weeks back, adn i got the FMA movie!! T^T beautifull... i dont want it to be over!!!!!!!!!!! i'll die... x.X

well, other than that, im comepletley hooked on eureka seven. bleach, and trinity blood... damned good shtuff.

well, thats all for now, i'll try to get back as soon as possibe *HUGGLES*


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Monday, October 9, 2006

   three day week!

YAY omg, we only have three days this week AND next week too! yay yay YAY! >.< so excited!
on thursday, the highschool has off, but my old school (a charter school) still has school (without buses! the make school run without bus service! and its like... a LONG ways from town... >.<) anyways, im going back there on thursday to hang out with Ikari-chan and my old teacher and all my peeps XD yeah its gunna be awsome! >.<

oooh i got the last volume of FMA on saturday and watched the last episode.... WOW i almost cried! i hope i get the movie today, or i'll die... i want to see it so bad... ack!

hm well, thats really all i have to say... OH how could i forget... it my birthday tomorrow! i'll be fifteen... >,< o_O

*hugs*have a great day and good night! ^_^

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Friday, October 6, 2006


yyyaaaaaaaaaaaaay friday! im gunno sooooo slepp in tomorrow....
hope everybody had good fridays! mine was pretty ok.....

>.< i got called down to the health office and the nurse told me that i had to get my shots soon or i cant go to school anymore!!!! i HATE shots!! i mean, really seriously, i have like, and extreme phobie of them... i had a docter's appointment last friday, and the were gunna give me shots... and i FREAKED out! i mean, i seriously had a breakdown... it was really bad... T,T but i dont reallt wanna stop going to school...
oh well, put that out of my mind... ack...

oooh i hope i get my FMA movie soon! >.< im like dieing of anticipation.... *stands by the window, looking out at the mailbox* *mutters incoherently* i think they shipped the movie before the 13th volume, which sucks cause i STILL haven't seen the last episode, and i need to see it before i watch the movie! T,T

ikari-chan's coming over tommorrow to watch anime and hang out... yaysies! she's come over every weekend since before school started... and we never seem to get sick of eachother, over the summer we spent almost two weeks straight together and didnt get sick of eachother.... ^^'

ooooh and ari-chan got contacts! kinda different, i've been best friends with her for 3 years and she's always worn glasses... but the contacts look realyl good on her! ^^

heeey incase you didnt notice, i changed the site them... its now 'shakugan no shana' themed, and even though i've never actually seen that anime... it looks SO AWSOME i wanna see it REALLY REALLY BAD! has anyone here seen it? is it good?

wells, thats all for now... have a good night everyone! and a good weekend and al that...


quotes of the day: more JTHM quotes... ah, i loves it so.

"She liked you and you tried to kill her. That was impolite."- Nail bunny

"She tackles everyday life with a perverted innocence that just makes you want to give her a big hug... and then stand back very quickly while checking to see if everything is still attached." -- Roman Dirge

"dear diary, I seem to be dead."-nny

"Noooo! I've lost the respect of this impolite special ed student! I have no valid reason to live. Thank you, Lord, for sarcasm."-jhonen

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Wednesday, October 4, 2006


WOW geez, so sorry i've been off for so long! T,T sorry, i've been kinda busy...
i haven't updated in over a week!!! so much news, but i really dont have much time...

its my birthday next tuesday... *sigh* i'll be 15. *sing-song* and guess what iiiii ordered!? FMA MOVIE!!!! and vol. 13 >.< hecks yeah! im sooooo excited! i might die of excitment!

last week at the homecoming game it STORMED really hard, it was hailing, and there was no place to go cause it was just a field with stands! it was fricken awsome! >.<

this week has been pretty non-exciting so far... tomorrow i'm gunna go to art club yay! >,<

speaking of art, i just submitted a new fan art... its from chobits, so get check it out please and thankies! ^.^

on another note, i say a formal farwell to T-chan (PeppermintChild13) who is officially leaving the site... T,T

wells, thats all, now im gunna try to get to poeple's sites, i feel like a\such a bad friend... T,T i so sowwy!


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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

color day & homecoming

hey everybody!! sorry, i havent been on for a while... been pretty busy!
hope everybody had good days...

this week is homecoming at school, so today was color day, and also the homecoming king and queen coronation... OMG wow we had like a pep fest thing... it was actually REALLY fun! ack, i've never had so much school spirit... it was weird!
ha, yesterday was 'opposite sex day'... i never want to see so many guys in skirts ever again! some were so good at it, i couldnt even tell the difference!!! T,T crazy shtuff, man, crazy!

haha and i like this guy in my social studies class... i;ve kinda given up on that guy that i havent talked to....oh well...

well, thats pretty much it...


Quote of the Day:

"Conspiracy!! And now employing juvenile mongoloid demon babies!! My famous chicken recipe will never be yours!! Grrr! Woof!"- Happy Noodle Boy

"It's simple; I like you. I enjoy our talks, when you come visit me at the bookstore. I like you for all those reasons people ask a person out for. There, I've said my thing, now I just hope your thoughts run along those same lines. If not, then I'll just get awkward and leave, quietly, after killing you."

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Friday, September 22, 2006


hurrah for friday! n_n hope everybody had good days!

hm... well, not much beside that. still havent talkted to that guy i like... ermh... T,T

im prolly gunna change my site theme... yea, i tried to do it earlier, but the one i tried to do... well, the background didnt work out...

oh, and if anybody wants to add me on MSN, i dunno... whatever, just PM me for my email.. lol, im just bored, need people to talk to 0_~


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Thursday, September 21, 2006

wake me up when september ends


just... ergh.

i hope everyone had good days! i... had an alright one i guess.
in math we went outside and drew number lines on the sidewalk with chalk!!!!!! it was really weird! but funny.
in art, i sketched ed and al on the chair.... chibi-ish cause i thought it was just too cute.. and i found a really cute pic of team 7 from naruto (duh) to put on it, and i started to sketch that...
at lunch i was sitting alone... then some of my... er, i hesitate to call them friends.. but they asked me to come sit with them cause i ooked loney sitting at that ig table all by myself... so that was kinda nice...

well..... ergh, cant wait for it to be the weekend, im so..... ergh. ERGH! T,T

well, everybody have a good friday tomorrow!

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006


well....... ok nuthin much. gack, im thinkin about changing my theme... yes, AGAIN, but i found a really cool one... ^.^

OH! and my sister came from duluth today! i have'nt seen her in a while... yeah, she's 14 years older than me, but i luv her to death, its really great to see her again...

in art class we're painting chairs... hah, and me and my partner are doin FMA, naruto, and invader zim themed! ha! its gunna be so cool...

well, thats pretty much it. hope you all had great days!! ^_^


quote of the day:

"if only you knew the strange things i have seen in the darkness of night" -M.C. Escher

"'*inhales* thanks for the candy!'"- Dane Cook!

i love Dane Cook...

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Monday, September 18, 2006

   Strange Luck

hi everybody! ack, im sick today... so im staying home! *does the staying home dance* yaaay!

anyways, the weirdest thing just happened to me...
somebody added me on MSN... i didnt know who it was, and she apperantly got her friend's email wrong... but she was from france!!! and she's an OTAKU! haha that is SO weird!! o_O

today im just staying home with my tea and ramen, coughing and watching DVDs! hehe
well, thats all, i hope you all ahve good days! ^^


Quote of the Day:

"Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus Vici: By the power of truth, I, while living, have conquered the universe."

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Sunday, September 17, 2006


hey everybody! hope everybodie's days were good! n_n

yesterday Ikari came over... yeah. we watched V for Vendetta... OMG! BEST MOVIE EVER! im totally obsessed with the letter V now! >_< that movies the cooliest!
and then naruto... yay! and trinity blood, and bleach, and Eureka 7 (sad sad!) and FLCL!!! omg FLCL RULES! hehe n_n

right now im just trying to watch some Naruto dane cook vids on you tube... Dane Cook is my fave comedian.... >_<

well... i think im getting sick, cause i have a really sore throat. T.T i DONT wanna go to school tomorrow. at all. *sob* no more school... please! i begs of youuuuu!

well, everybody have a good night! *hug*

Quotes of the day:

"...emty?" -Haruko

"i have some dreams... i wish i was a snake..."-Dane Cook

"where the hell is the VAN?!?!?" -Dane Cook

"Who? Who is but the form, following the function of what. And what I am, is a man in a mask." -V

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