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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

As usual....
The music doesn't seem to be working. What a surprise. -_- neither is my keyboard.

Anyways so Jikan and I got back from Belize which is in fact not spelled with the first 'e'. And I'm not having much luck as far as anything goes right now the computer. geh. Today I'm going to cancel my Runescape membership, finally. I'm gonna be gone or working for the rest of the summer so there's no real point in keeping it. (There we go, the music finally came up) But I started Furry-Paws again. ^_^ w00t, only problem is now I'm going away for a week and have to find someone to board my two dogs with. -.-

I was so excited 'cause last week I was gonna get Genshiken vol. 3 'cause we made out bimonthly trip to Barnes & Nobles. And of course we get there and they're closed. So we head to another bookstore and of course they're closed too. But we found out that the Best Buy right next door was open for another five minutes! So I managed to dash in there and because of their lack of Spiral, I bought the FMA movie. ^_^ That made me happy. It's a pretty good movie. Especially if you've watched the show so you can scream things at both your favorite and hated characters as they come back or their parallels appear. (Go Fritz Lang!) Random thing- I've always loved the two homonculi(pardon my spelling and the stupid song isn't working again. >.< neither is my shift) Lust and Wrath. (They both rock, w00t!)

My tv stopped recording bleach and annoyed me so I've missed the last two episodes but refuse to watch them online because I won't be able to watch the anime I'm already watching online. My internet provider is a satellite and you can only use about 120 MB before it flips and decides to be slower than dial-up. (Yes, in fact, if at all possible, it IS slower than dial-up) So I've been fortunate enough to get away with watching one episode of Utawarerumono a day and two parts of a three part-per-episode Ginban Kaleidoscope. Both are awesome shows (and are currently displayed on my site).

Well, I gotta go bleach our screen house for painting tomorrow 'cause everyone knows you should paint in a rainstorm. ~Wolfy

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