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Sunday, June 24, 2007

okay. I've seen the name spelled both these ways. I've read about three books on Belize in the past few days and I still have no idea how to spell it. Belize is starting to look right and it doesn't have a red line under it ;P.
I never come on this site. x_x I blame Runescape.

Anyways- Jikan and I are headed to Belize tomorrow at 4 a.m. So we're staying over night tonight at a hotel right near the airport. We're gonna be spending three days in the rainforest and four days on a coral reef. (w00t!) I've come to learn that ziplock bags are my best friend. ^_^ @_@ I'm also still kinda sick so I have to take my pills over the boarder. XD Watch- they'll confiscate them and I'll die in Belize. Not really. We're going with a science group from our school.
So yeah- I'll probably post a little something about it when we get back. @_@ So bleh right now. ~Wolfy

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