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Friday, May 25, 2007

There's only like two and a half weeks left of school! Yes! The only problem is that of course, the last stretch is littered with tests. x_x In ninth grade, you are not supposed to go through MCAS but of course the jerk government sent us some. *shakes fist at* >.< The only good thing is if we pass our test this year, we don't have to take it next year. geh. *withers* Then we take the finals but then IT'S OVER! God I can't wait. Although summer means we're closer to next year.

Yet another fun thing to add to the festivities is that one of my friends and I started talking again after about a six month ignore-each-others-existance fest. So as if that's not the most awkward thing that's happened in awhile. x_x Please let summer come soon.

Oh! And I get to do the Relay for Life. Which I'm excited about because one of my friends is going with me and we're going to pig out on candy all night and stay awake. ^_^ We learned last year that you don't sleep there.
x_x that was my monthy update or something like that. I gotta go try to download maplestory.

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