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Sunday, May 6, 2007

AHHHH!!!! My potatoes died! T_T

Yes. It's horribly true. My potatoes have become diseased and I can't scrounge together 40 coins in order to buy the cure. x_x Don't get hooked on online games with really bad graphics. (Yay! I saved my potatoes!) And I only have 10 days of membership left! T_T
Anyways- I just got back from the state science fair. I have absolutely not idea how I got there in the first place but it turned out to not be so bad. We had eight people in our group. Basically we left school early Thursday, drove down to the fair, set up and then wandered around some market. The next day we got up and went to the fair again, stayed there for six and a half hours for judging. We got to have a 'fun' banquet. The D.J. threw free stuff at people and played bad music. That night, the four of us girls stayed up till about midnight and played with pretzel goldfish, acting out harry potter scenes. (Sugar high without the sugar) Saturday, we went to a Science Museum and watched an omni film. Jikan and I got really sick and dizzy. Then we had to go exhibit our projects to the public. Luckily, my project is just about the most boring thing on earth so no one even looked at it. We had an awards ceremony which was the most boring two hours of my life. Then I got to go home with Jikan and we ate at an outback steak house. XD I couldn't eat my meal so it'll be my lunch today.
Other than that- Eureka 7 ended in case I hadn't said that before. I personally didn't like the ending all that much. It was a little bit of a let down for the series. So now I'm watching Bleach and .hack//roots legally and Kyou Kara Maou on youtube, if my satellite internet ever stops being a jerk. Yup so schools tomorrow and it sucks. Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekends! ~Wolfy

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Saturday, April 21, 2007

   Anime Boston was AWESOME!!!

Well to say the least- we were unprepared. Jikan may put up our costumes but they weren't exactly 'recognizable'. Xuai went as Hatori- out of all of us, I think she was the most recognizable. Either that or she was Light with long, dark hair. Emiko had about three days notice to get her costume together. She went as Tohru during the scene where she's with Kyo after he transforms. It was fairly recognizable. Jikan was Ninja-Tourist Akito. XD I, at long last, changed my character to Yuki. However, I never got a wig so it was very difficult to tell. I ended up wearing a hat around all day. That didn't help much either ^_^''. Well we did a lot of walking. Although at the beginning of the day we had to wait about three hours in line for registration. It wasn't that bad. Jikan, Emiko, Xuai and I talked and obsessed over really good cosplayers. (Especially the guy with red contacts!) We spent most of our time in the con in the venders room. I only had 20$ and we bought lunch. So I had to borrow money from Jikan to get a shirt. But it's got Ritsuka from Loveless on it! ^_^ (arigato Jikan. I'll repay you) Jikan bought a cat bell that she's in love with. Xuai bought a pocky pocket book and Emiko bought a furuba bag (among other things). We went to the artist's alley, wandered a lot, and finally we settled down and watched episode 1-4 (or was it 5) of Tsubasa. Everyone was mad that we had to leave before the screening ended. But we had a lot of fun and we're hoping to go back next year!

What we learned from other people:
~You can't be underdressed
~Take as many pictures of the cosplays as is possible
~Stay the weekend
~enter all the surverys, contests and grab as much free stuff as possible
~buy at least one thing with a characters' face on it
~fake weapons of any size or shape and other such props should be carried at all times.

What we learned ourselves:
~Bring LOTS of money
~Spell your nickname for the registers

I'm kinda sad because Kodocha won't load on my computer. T_T But I'm almost done with .hack//sign....and I have yet to figure out whether or not Tsukasa is a guy or a girl. o_O Oh well. I can't wait for tonight's Eureka 7. Later ~Wolfy or Wolfie if you're a con register.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007


That should be a movie. It'd be totally awesome and be about a snail named Fred who's a journalist but he wants to take over the world so he goes on an insane shoe painting spree and then eventually goes back to being a journalist.
It's been a while since I've been sugar high. x_o
Aside from that- My costume for the con is insane. It's blue and short sleeved. x_x It doesn't really look like anything Aaya or Yuki would wear (well...maybe Yuki) and, of course, the store that sells wigs closed. It's just like me to forget that it did so about three months ago. So I might just go as a strangely dressed person. XD Maybe I can go as 'Otaku in background' from Genshiken or something. That would be awesome.
The Con's on Friday!!!!! That's so exciting! ^_^ It's gonna rock 'cause *goes into over-exaggerating 'this would be' awesome mode* we're gonna be 50 tons of candy and eat it all on the way down. Then we're gonna take over the convention and run in circles screaming about anime until it attracts notice from the outside and the police have to come in and remove us from the area. However all the anime peoples will join together and defeat the police. The end.
No. But it should be a lot of fun with a few doses of confusion since we won't have any idea what's going on.
Thirdlyified, my guitar teacher thought that the music store looked so wierd empty (and it does look wierd) that he decided to open his own music store. So the entire store is pretty much just changing ownership and locations. which is awesome. Most of the employees and teachers are gonna go there. Except for my flute teacher of course. T_T She wants me to go to this other place where she works which is right down the road but now I'm gonna have to play in recitales. I've never played alone in front of lots and lots of people before. gah.
*eventually talks herself out of the sugar rush and falls asleep* aka later. ~Wolfy

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

   Deck the halls...

Isn't april the happy time of year when spring comes and the flowers bloom and the animals come out? Then why is there four inches of snow on the ground and still more coming? gah! The weather is trying to drive us insane! Anyways- yes, it's April 12th and we apparently have a snow day.
I'm pretty excited for next Thursday which is the beginning of my so called 'birthday party'. Xuai, Jikan and hopefully Emiko are coming over to my house so that we can head out for an anime con in the morning. I can't wait. We're all 'cosplaying'. We've never done it or really looked into it, so it's kinda whatever we could throw together. I'm planning on going as Aaya from Furuba cosplaying as Yuki to express his brotherly love. XD I get a cool shirt out of it anyways (Thanks Jikan ^_^)
I'm on a quest on Runescape right now. T_T They want me to kill these sick sheep and incinerate them. How cruel can they be? T_T *sniff, sniff, bawl*
The music store that I take lessons at is closing down. That's pretty sad. Both my music teachers are going to be teaching elsewhere though, so I can luckily continue. The bad thing is that they didn't have any cheap saxophones left at the store. And of course, I'm going to be in the Jazz band next year playing saxophone, according to our band teacher. x_x That's gonna be hard without an instrument.
Anyways- I've got a dozen and a half sheep to herd. x_x Later.

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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

   whoa. I'm actually posting. o_O

This'll probably be short but I figured that I should put one up anyways. But before I start- Need to go make ramen. I can't wait to live on ramen in college. Which'll probably kill me from a sodium overdose or something but who cares. It's ramen. ^_~ I was away on the band trip with Emiko to virginia. Wasn't that a load of fun. Not really. It would've gone much better if a few people had been left behind and a few others had been with us. *flails* Anyone heard of AnimeOnline? I'm checking it out a little bit, they have a very funny registration letter. I know that much. I've also been playing runescape a lot. x_x I finally got my membership but it's almost out. And Xuai is getting a new computerand she wants to try out maplestory. Anyways- I've gotta play my membership to every cent it's worth.
Questions (ramen based)-
1. What's your favorite flavor of ramen?
2. What brand of ramen do you buy?
3. Do you drain off all the water when you make ramen?

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

   Yet another short post

GAH! I'm so close yet so far. I had my afternoon perfectly planned out but, like most things, it didn't work out that way. At least I've still got a computer. Anyways- I'm stuck at my old elementary school where my mom works, she's hosting an after school program for the little kids and today is sugar on snow day. x_x I'm sitting all alone in the kitchen *tumble weed blows by as she types* Right now the maple syrup that I'm watching is 240 degrees F. Yay! That's exactly how hot it's supposed to be. x_x
Today pretty much sucked. I've had a stomach ache for the few days and my mom says it might be a stomach virus that's been floating around. But tomorrow is Macbeth day for us ninth graders! ^_^ Go insane murderous scotts....At least I thought I heard somewhere that he was scottish. o_O Who knows.
Other than that I have an essay due tomorrow, even though I won't be there, and I'm going to figure out someway to send it to my computer at home. (AOL is blocked by our local school network, so is neopets o_o) So I think I'm going to try and post it on Da or something. It will get there somehow, I swear.
I still have Prince of Tennis, Bleach, Eureka 7 and .hack//roots to watch. x_x I'll never get to those 'cause (hopefully) I'M GETTING MY RUNESCAPE MEMBERSHIP TODAY! (It might now work, last time it didn't. T_T)

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Whoa. Shortness

Yeah. This'll be massively short, not that the rest of my posts aren't. Okay- First of all, Happy Day before Saint White's Day everyone! Tomorrow some of my friends and I are gonna wear white ribbons in our hair, because we we're idiots and want to participate in the holiday even if we can't do it correctly.
For those of you who don't know, Saint White's Day is the opposite of Valentine's Day in Japan. Valentine's Day is when the girls give the boys chocolate and confess their love for them. Saint White's Day is when the boys give the girls white ribbons which symbolizes their love.
Secondly, otaku doesn't really like my computer or internet or just me in general. But at current, it won't let me comment on anyways posts or anything. gah. *shakes fist at*
Other than that, I have a lot of homework for the first time this year/semester. Mostly 'cause I've missed two classes for the past two days. x_x And I'm extremely addicted to Runescape. T_T I'm probably even going to waste five dollars on a membership.

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Friday, March 9, 2007

   Oh great...

x_x So we got to skip a day of school today to go to a local college and present our science fair projects for regionals. NOBODY wanted to go. And somehow, we've all(8 of us) have been selected to go to states. x_x More work. GAH!

Last night Jikan and I went to a hypnotist show. I was dragged in by Student Council (x_x) and I just dragged her off with me 'cause I didn't want to face it alone. But it was quite entertaining. There's just that special something that makes you laugh when people you know are up on stage doing lots of silly things and of course, when they suddenly remember what they've done. Classic Expressions. XD

I'm so close to finishing Gakuen Heaven. I'm on ep. 11/13 and I have no idea when I'm going to finish it but my friends and I are all obsessed with yaoi. XD
anyways. Quick decisions over how to get home so I'll write more tomorrow.

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Monday, March 5, 2007

   Still not March

Well. I got around to changing my site a little bit. I've still got to find a new song(that may never happen, Malchick Gei's pretty cool) and the colors are still slightly unreadable. Sorry 'bout that ^_^''.

The background is Soubi and Ritsuka from Loveless and my post background is Kakeru and Wataru Ozawa from Gakuen Heaven.

I've just started getting into the whole yaoi anime thing. And so is Emiko so we've decided that she's Kakeru and I'm Wataru. And we're evil, emo, mean, tennis playing gay stalker twins. Don't ask. I got really hyper while watching Gakuen Heaven. Only on episode five though. @_@

YAY! Xuai is old and I have 13 days left of being young. o_O 13 the doom number. (Not really) but we got to stay after school and do our make up labs for Chemistry. It was really, really hot in the room and I one of my reactions over-reacted and I got Hydrochloric(?) acid all over the counter. x_x At least I didn't get hurt....I hope. I make wake up tomorrow with superpowers. :P

Okay. I've gotta watch more Gakuen Heaven.
1. Do you like Yaoi?
2. Do you have an alternate anime ego?

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Thursday, March 1, 2007

   Still not dead

First, I refuse to admit that it's March 1st. It's February 29th to me and Leap years make February go to the 30th. Why the heck do we even have a month that has two days less than all the others? Doesn't it get lonely? Maybe we should put one day on it and take a day away from another month. x_x I need something to drink, my throat hurts.
I'm on a mac and it's wierd. 'cause my dad is working on our desktop computer and I'm stuck with the laptop. It's so wierd. T_T
Well today I got to skip school and go to a ski meet. I was so close to racing but the girl I would've filled in for decided she wanted to race even though she was sick. And she still did good. ^_^ So I'm glad she got to race because she wanted to (I wasn't looking forwards to it). The four of us JV girls hung out together and cheered and attempted to take pictures/tape the race. The video camera decided to die halfway through and nobody was able to capture our racers in motion. It was kinda nice standing at the top of the hill watching other people struggle up it. :D (as mean as that sounds T_T) So our girls tied with two other schools for second place and our boys got tenth. That's because our top boys racer has had mano(?) for the past few months and he had to drop out of the race.
Well I'm gonna go get that water/drink and play Runescape....'cause I don't like homework.
I would ask questions but nobody is really seems to be reading these (other than Jikan) so I won't bother.

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