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Friday, December 14, 2007

This is gheeeeeey.
My site is temperaroly closed for renovation right now, so you can PM me if you have any questions or comments on this.
i was mugged yesterday at 6 pm.
who muggs someone at 6??
i mean, really.
and this is the story:
well, kamen, sam, and james were with me, but it was me who was the victim. if trish hasnt already told you, we were mugged coming home from target. i had just gotten her "John Tucker Must Die" for christmas, because i thought that was a funny movie. well, this big group of black people(one girl) came over, ripped my bag out of my hands, and started frisking kamen and james. one of them demanded sam to empty his pockets, then they turned to me and were about to frisk me, too, but you know me. i jumped back and told them not to touch me or i'd bite them. so they started cursing me out, stupid slang remarks, and i just didnt want to hear them anymore. so my brilliant plan was to kick him in the shin/knee area and run. yea, he didn't fall. instead he back handed me on teh left side of my face. yea, ouch. im gonna have a bruise there tomorrow. but anyways, i started walking away after that. one of them followed me, asking if they could please have my mp3 player. i said no about ten times when he turned around and made this noise like a strangled chicken or something. opportunity struck again, i saw someone walking down the street towards us, so i did the only other thing i could think of.
i screamed.
at the top of my lungs.
maaaaaaan you shoulda seen them run.

my daddie is proud of me though.

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