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Monday, October 9, 2006

Ehehe, yea. I still live. Really, I do.

Well, though I never post on here, I just wanted to say that I still live. I check MyO every day most of the time, so if anyone wants to get up with me just PM me.

I really don't have much to say, which is why I never post on here anyways. I have been taken with an obsession to Bleach, I have been obsessed for a few months now and it does not seem to a abating a bit. I watch the episodes weekly as they come out in Japanese, and keep up with the Japanese manga. Forgive my ranting, but Bleach rocks. You muct go watch the anime. Now. I demand it. -pulls out a bullwhip- D8<

Alrighty then. More stuff to rant about. I have also been reading Death Note, the Engish manga version atleast. Just today I found out that thay have made a Death Note anime, the first episode is out and available for viewing on YouTube. I have not seen the live-action Death Note movie yet, but the anime so far is awesome. Not as good as Bleach, Eureka SeveN, and Naruto, but still good. Raito (Light) creeps me out though, especially his cackling before Ryuk shows up in his room, scaring the living daylights out of him.

Around a few months ago, while I was watching Adult Swim on Saturday night, I came across the anime Eureka SeveN. Those who know me well know that I do not like anime with things such as guns and mecha, but this anime seems to have escaped that dislike. Despite that Eureka SeveN revolves around mecha and such, I have come to like the anime greatly, and have even moved on to buy and read the first two volumes of the English manga, which I also liked. Since then I have watched the entire series in Japanese, and still love it. The storyline is awesome, the art amazing, and the characters dynamic. Another top-of-the-line anime from Studio BONES, the makers of Wolf's Rain, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Cowboy Bebop.

Though I have just started watching it, I have also taking a liking to Trinity Blood. I am usually not interested in anime containing such boring things as vampires, but the concept of a species of vampire the feeds on vampires caught my attention. The art and graphics of Trinity Blood are awesome, and the first ending theme has made its way into my 'favorite songs list'. So far the storyline is pretty good, though the first two or three episodes seemed very random, without a plot. Now they seem to have gotten the storyline going, and it had gotten better. I plan on keeping up with this anime.

Well, I shall make that the end of my rants. I really want to rant about music and translations and other things that make me rant, but I really want to refrain from boring you guys too much. Anyhow, here are some lists of my current obsessions.

--> Favorite Anime, in order:

  • Bleach

  • Naruto

  • Eureka SeveN

  • Death Note

  • Trinity Blood

  • Ginga Densetsu Weed

  • FLCL

  • --> Favorite Characters, in order:
  • Hatake Kakashi - Naruto

  • Kuchiki Rukia - Bleach

  • Hyuuga Neji - Naruto

  • Hitsugaya Toshiro- Bleach

  • Kurosaki Ichigo - Bleach

  • Kuchiki Byakuya - Bleach

  • Kira Izuru - Bleach

  • Father Nightroad - Trinity Blood

  • Renton Thurston - Eureka SeveN

  • Shuhei Hisagi - Bleach

  • Shiranui Genma - Naruto

  • L - Death Note

  • Yamada Hanataro - Bleach

  • Ichimaru Gin - Bleach

  • --> Favorite Songs, in order (changes almost daily):
  • Rolling Days - YUI - Opening 5 of Bleach

  • the WORLD - Nightmare - Opening 1 of Death Note

  • Wind - Akeboshi - Ending 1 of Naruto

  • Rewrite - Asian Kung-fu Generation - Opening 2 of FMA

  • Tonight Tonight Tonight - Beat Crusaders - Opening 4 of Bleach

  • Arigato (Thank You) - Home Made Kazoku - Ending 2 of Bleach

  • Broken Wings - Tomoke Tane - Ending 1 of Trinity Blood

  • Kanashimi wo Yasashisa Ni - Little by Little - Opening 2 of Naruto

  • Hybrid Rainbow - The Pillows - Mamimi sees Kanti (FLCL)

  • Parade - Chaba - Ending 12 of Naruto

  • Pinnochio - Ore Ska Band - Ending 14 of Naruto

  • Yellow Moon - Akeboshi - Ending 13 of Naruto

  • Ding! Dong! Dang! - Tube - Naruto the Movie 2

  • [FIN]

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