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Sunday, June 19, 2005


My dog went crazy this morning... It went like this... (flashback) I got up to take the dog out to go potty... And the dog started running in circles full speed around the yard... Then dog ran around me and started biting at a anything in reach... Including leaves, grass, the cat (poor kitty), and my shorts... >_<' Of course, I grabbed her as she was running by once, and managed to restrain her... Earning a few bites and cuts at the time... Then i let her in the house and she started running in circles around the couch... She ran around the entire living room full speed 39 times, I counted... >_<... She kept running... And running... And then she wasnt looking where she was going for a second and BOOM right into the leg of the table... I feel safe to stay she stopped running at that time! -_-' I cant think of any Q's, so you guys ask me something...

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