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Friday, June 17, 2005

Training,and more training....

Hi people! Sorry I diddn't update the past 2 days, I was training my dog all day. My dog is a Welsh Terrier,she is 16 weeks old, and her name is Kepri. I started training Kepri for USDAA Dog Agility when she was 13 weeks old. Now she can jump hurdles that are up to 2 1/2 feet tall, and she is only a little over a foot tall herself. She can also jump through a tire that has a 12 inch diameter, and is a foot off the ground. I have not trained her in the other things yet, like the Dog Walk, Crossover, Teeter Totter, A-Frame, Long Jump, Collapsed Tunnel (or Chute), Tunnel, and Pause Table. I will begin training these when I get the right materials to build them (I love carpendry). For now she is doing an amazing job, and I will post some more pictures of her, and of my homade Agility course. I have my sight set on being able to enter in USDAA Dog Agility Trials when she has masterd the course. Well, I'll give you your Q's now, enough of me ranting about my dog. 1. Do any of you have a dog? If you do, what type? 2. Did you understand any of the stuff I was ranting about in this post? ^^ 3. Do you think I should continue TRYING to update everyday? 4. Your are hungry, but the frige is empty. You...?

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