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Monday, May 19, 2008

   It's been a month again...
Got I hate it when it's cold...

Not much has been done sofar over here. By saying that I mean that I haven't been passing my classes that good. I'm still wating from that nursing college later on this month. If I get in I'll be able to leave for the city before August. I have to so I can find a place to live actually. With stupid gas going up so bad I won't be able to live in the country anymore.

I turned 21 on May 2nd, and it was alright. I didn't go and get drunk like a lot of people expected of me lol. I went to go see Iron Man with my brother and it was awsome! Another movie that was really good that I saw earlier was "The Forbidden Kingdom" (I always have to see my flying people!). Dudes the movie was fricken sweet.

Radio school is put on hold for the time being after I get my nursing degree. I decided to this, because I want to habve a back-up if the radio field dosen't work out and I still have a back-up career.

I'm planning to see the Indiana Jones movie with my bro this week, and later on this month "Harold and Kumar: Escape From Guantanamo Bay", it looks good!!! >;)

Well I guess that's it for now. I'll try and update again soon. I plan on having a Podcast soon, so you can hear my little "shows" online from time to time.

Well I guess that's it,

I'll update later.



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