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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

   Long Time, No Type
Hey everyone,

What's goin' on? Sorry for not being on here in a while. Not much has happened so nothing to really report. Last Friday was upsetting, because my grandfather died on Tuesday and his funeral was Friday. Then after the funeral, I got this awful cold, and my family and I stayed for 4 and a 1/2 hours with my grandmother; and my grandmaother is a heavy smoker, a big one. So it was difficult for me to breath because I started getting this huge cold, and all the smoke comgin from her and my dad who is also a heavy smokier, made me feel worse. The cold has been goin' around all over Southern Ohio, so it was only a matter of time until I caught it T-T'. On Saturday I worked, and it was not easy with all the coughingt and the dizziness, because we were rearranging the entire store to make it look nice. When I finally got home, I went to bed and did not wake up for 4 hours. My mom got me some medicine though, so now I'm feeling much better.
The bad part was though was that because I was sick, I couldn't study for my Psychology mid-term. I planned on studying on Monday, because I had the morning shift. Plenty of time to get ready. WRONG. Our new assistant manager called in because of something (I never really did find out, but oh well), so I took her shift. By the time I got home it was 8:30. So I ate some macaronni(I can't spell it), and went to bed to wake up at 3 in the morning, so I would be able to study. I studied until 7, and then got ready for school. Still not ready for it, I was not nervous; and to my surprise, was not all that difficult. So everything turned out alright in the end.

So that's it in a little package. I'll update ASAP.



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