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Thursday, November 15, 2007

   The first snow...
Hey everyone! What's goin' on? Well it has again been a while since I've been here, but I'm getting on here a lot sooner than usual. Right now I'm frustrated because my neck is killing me, and I have can't my head straight up right now without the right side of my neck beginning throbbing. Anyway, it's the first snow here, that means that winter is officially here to me. If you see the first snow with this cold weather, it's winter. I have never listened to the news or looked at the calender on when winter is officially here, that's just bull crap to me.

I'm almost done with this quarter, but I can't schedule for the next one until I pay my fees so that sucks big time. I have Microbiology today, and I'm not looking foward to it at all. I'd rather be in a Literature class or something artistic, but art and nursing really doesn't comply to eachother.

Well I have to get goin' now, I got homework to finish. I'll update before Christmas Break comes around. I'll talk to ya'll soon.



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