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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

   Evil College Books....
Hey! I am back and it is a whole new school year here at college! Sorry that I have not been able to update and comment comments in a long time. My computer got fried by the "Hound Dog Virus" so I have not been able to do anything to my blogs which sucks. I just got done at the book store and have bought over $400.00 worth of damn school books @-@ I'm so broke that it's not even funny. How was everyone's summer? I hope they were better than mine because it sucks. I think my manager hates me now, but she can't fire me because I haven't done anything wrong. So oh well. My brother was this close into getting home schooled by my dad, and that's scary because my dad can make anybody loco within one day. ONE DAY!!!!

Anyway, I was bored so I looked for any entertaining videos on Youtube, and I think I found one. I must warn you though, when you are done watching this, you will say "What the hell."

.... It's disturbing I know.



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