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Friday, April 13, 2007

   I Have A Cold
Hey everyone,
What's goin' on? Not much here. I have a stupid cold that I think I got when it got really cold and and windy on Wednesday night. I haven't been sick since 3 years ago, and it sucks, because when I get sick after that long time gap I get really weak. But I get over it soon, I hope I'll feel better by tomorrow morning. I have at least my appetite and that helps alot when being sick. I've eaten a lot of soup and drank a lot of tea too, so I should be better by tomorrow with that as well.

School has been okay so far, so far I have doin' okay in school. I had a exam in Human Anatomy III, and I have to work on a paper in English 102, I'm thinking of doing a paper on how books and radio are better tools than television becaus with books and radio you use your imagination; however, with T.V. you don't because the T.V. has everything laid out for you.

Well I guess that is all for now, I'll update as soon as possible. Sorry for being late.

Talk to you later,


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