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Tuesday, November 15, 2005


hello everyone!!sorry that ihaven't been on or comment on your site.im in school in my graphic design class.alot of classes are movin to the new buliding that we have now and my class is the one whos movin today. there are 9 ppl in my class including me as well and the rest of the class is in the new buliding helping movin her stuff. nothin has happen today and yesterday i had my progress report and i didn't do so bad on it. well i hope that you all are having a good day !!gotta go and comment on your sites. sorry again that i haven't posted!^.^

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Saturday, November 12, 2005

hi everyone!! well this will be fast cause i gotta leave!!well yesterday i went to the mall lookin gfor two books that i have to read in english class(the alchemist and of mice and men)while i was there i bought two manga books for my lil sisters(lovealchemist69 and animedreamer12)cause they didn't have money so i had to buy them.then we went inside the stores and i bought a sequin purse which is so shiny!*so much shiny ish*.yesterday was fun and i ate like crazy. so yeah i fun yesterday at the mall.well gotta go cause my mom is yelling at my sisters and i.laterz!!

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Friday, November 11, 2005

hello everyone!!yay theres no school today im so glad.well im not doing nothing but watch music videos. today i may go and do my drug and alcohal class (no i do not do these stuff) i have to take these class to get my restriction before i get my divers lisense's. also may go to the mall and just chill. well i hope you all of you are having a fun day!! g2g and comment on pplz sites ^.^

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Thursday, November 10, 2005

hello everyone!!sorry that i haven't been on is because of the homework and test that im taking. like today i have three test to do and is alot of studing. so any way how's everyone doin?well nothing very great has happened this week for me and also im so happy that there isn't any school tommorow*big smile*!!btw how does everyone like my new bg and video that i just put?check out the video that i put is one of my fav songs on my list.thats all i have to type im off to comment on ppl site's now.
later for now!!^.^

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Monday, November 7, 2005


sorry everyone i haven't updated because i didn't have power for about 2 weeks,with all the damage that hurricane wilma did. well for those 2 weeks i did nothing but bare the heat that was going on during the day and the night somewat cool. i listened to radio, clean the house, eat, drink, and sleep. Having so much bordom that my sisters and i learned how to play chess, is pretty cool.Anywayz i hope you all are having a great day and im off to comment on ppl who updated.

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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Hi watz up everyone!! well there isn't not much to do and thank goodness its the weekend. I had a math test yesterday i wonder if i did good. Not much to say today and my mom is nagging at me because my sisters and i haven't done chores so i gotta go before she starts screaming.

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Thursday, October 20, 2005

hi this is going to be fast because i gotta go and get ready for school. well nothing has happen in school.yesterday in personal fitness my entire class did jump rope and my math teacher which i hate wasn't there,so happy. Theres alot of hurricanes this year and there's gonna be another one coming this way to florida.also,im so sorry i haven't comment on pplz site is all the homework and studing to do i haven't had time so i will comment today.well i hope everyone will have a great day!!!^.^

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Saturday, October 15, 2005

wat up everyone!! well there wasn't much excitiment in school expect the report cards that had came in super fast. In just in a week the report cards came. i didn't do so bad or so good.W/E anyways everyone in school was in their school spirit cheeriness and yesterday it was the pep rally before my school faces southwest (the other school)Everyone seems to be to exticted about it.im bored nothing to do and its 2:26am right now,not sleepy, well a lil not that much.so ill go to everyone sites later now so this is bye buh for now!! ^.^

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Friday, October 14, 2005

Hello everyone!! Today i got to go to school and listen to boring teachers especially my 4 and 6 period i gotta hear them for almost 2 hours.Well today is going to be a boring day unless if a miracle happens and theres something interesting or fun happens. well have a good day everyone!laterz!^.^

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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Hi everyone!!! i hope all of you had a great day yesterday!well today i got no school because of teachers' planning day,so that means i get to go to the mall and go watch a movie with my sisters just have fun.so for right now i gotta do chores and stuff. Right now im listening to H.I.M. there songs are so awesome i love the song "Wings of a butterfly" and the lead singer is kind of cute.well g2g laterz!!

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