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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 08/24/08:

Result Posted on 02/12/08:
Hey baby yeah XD *bitchslaps people with a rubber chicken then hang them from a tree and fling thongs at them * YEAH! NOT MINE O_o;

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Why Are YOU Evil?
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Result Posted on 02/12/08:
Damn straight I'm impatient! I hate standing in long roller coaster rides >_> Yup fast on my feet already XD If you mean empty stomach then yes XD

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What Akatsuki Member Are You?
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Result Posted on 02/11/08:
Oh, yay! She got a really pretty sword! X3

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What Zanpakutou Would You Have?
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Result Posted on 02/10/08:
Lol what can I say? He's sooo adorable!! X3 LIKE ME! Nah, just kidding

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What D.Gray-man Character Are You?
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Result Posted on 02/10/08:
Hey, what can I say? >:D HE'S HOT!!! XDDDD Oh Mal, I got your dear bro. I promise I won't try anything!

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Who Is Your D.Gray-Man Guy?
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Result Posted on 01/17/08:
Um um um! >///<

Spin the 7 minutes under the mistletoe or Dare!- -Bleach side (LONG results, not the usual guys!! -For gals or gays!)

We go everywhere together"No, let's play Seven Minutes in Heaven!", Hinamori said, before you could answer. Everyone agreed, so you gave a sigh and joined the game. "You go first!", Orihime said to you, putting a bag in font of you. You shrugged and picked up a piece of paper, with a green circle."Who has the green circle?", you asked, bored. Then, a hot guy with sunglasses stood up, and said:"That's me, Iba Tetsuzaemon!!""DAMNIT, IBA-SAN!!", Madarame Ikkaku yelled. "WHY YOU ALWAYS HAVE ALL THE GOOD ONES?!""AND WHY ARE YOU ALWAYS SUCH A LOUD B*STARD?!", Iba-san yelled back, forgettin' the game. They were on the point of a fight when you said:"I'm fed up with all this game. Tell me when you're doing something more interesting, you guys."So you went out of the room, disappointed. Why guys were so stupid? Always fighting, that was his life purpose... what a pain! You noticed someone coming to you and before you could tell it, you were hugged by Matsumoto Rangiku. "Hey, ____-chan!!", she said, in a tipsy voice. "How're you doing? Havin' a nice time?""Hi, how are you, Matsumoto-san?", you said, polite. She stared at you, smiled, and suddenly, pushed you down! You screamed and fell over someone, making him fall with you."I'm sorry!!", you exclaimed, your face blushed. "Don't worry, I'm used to this...", he said, with a sweet voice that you immediately recognize: it was Yamada Hanatarou, the cute guy you had a crush on!! You stood up, nervously, and asked:"Are you okay, Hanatarou-kun?""Yes, I am, _____-chan.", he answered, smiling, and stood up. You smiled at him, and said:"I'm really sorry... I don't know what happened to Matsumoto-san, she pushed me suddenly! Sometimes I don't understand her..." Then you noticed Hanatarou was blushed and all nervous, so you approached him and asked: "Are you sure you're okay?""Mi-mst-mm-mimimimimistletoe...", he mumbled, pointing up. You looked up and get even more blushed than him! So that's why Matsumoto pushed you... Oh, great! She knew how much you liked Hanatarou, and how shy you were!! With your face in a dark shade of red, you said:"Listen, Hanatarou-kun, thi..."You got interrupted by his lips crashing on yours. His kiss was kinda hesitant, but tremendously sweet, and you felt like you were melting! You hugged him when you noticed your knees trembling, and he hold you gently. You kissed him back and he smiled in he kiss. You both were getting more confident and it was turning into a make out session, until you were interrupted by cheers, whistles and claps. "You've get one of the goods, Hana-chan!!", Ichigo yelled."Way to go!!", Renji said."That's my gal!!", Matsumoto added, laughing. Absolutely ashamed, you and Hanatarou left the party, hand on hand. Once you were outside, you stared at each other, and burst out in laugh. When he calmed down, looked at you and said: "You're really pretty tonight... I mean, you're always pretty, but tonight you... are just... so beautiful." You grew more and more blushed as you heard his words. He was so cute, and sweet, and kind, and... you loved him so much! Feeling like you'd die if don't tell it to him, you whispered:"Hanatarou-kun, I... I love you.""I love you too, _____-chan.", he replied, with a shy smile. Then he embraced you and kissed your lips. You leaned your head on his shoulder, and whispered "Would you be my guy?""Of course, _____-chan", he answered, giggling. Later, you watched the fireworks together, and well, there aren't too many times you weren't together since then! You're the cutest, sweetest, nicest and clumsiest couple ever!! =3Hope you like it!! And if you don't, take the quiz again and choose another one xDD
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Result Posted on 11/16/07:
Yup yup yup X3 This is what i'm kinda like at school XD but that's cause strangers scare me (a lot) >_>

What elemental wolf are you?

Ice is your element... Your cold and secretive. People are kinda of wary around you becasue know one really knows who you truly are. Your independant, and strong-minded which means that you can eventually work your way through any problem that comes about. Even though your pretty reserved, your highly curious, and love to find out how things work.
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Result Posted on 11/07/07:
WOOOOO!! GIRLIE STRECTHY MAN MEH BUDDY! XD And Luppi's my....lover? -//-; And yes Grimmy meh training buddy X3

Life as an Arrancar (Bleach Villains) by Jo
Favorite Color(s)
Your Symbol
Zanpakuto NameOne Thousand Petals
Number among the Espada?8
Level of Power
Best Friend
Secret Admirer
Arch Rival
Secretly Jealous of Your Skill
Training Partner
Enemy among the Arrancar (i.e. you hate each other

Result Posted on 09/02/07:
Haha sorry I just had to put this!! XD HAKU-CHAAAAN!!! X3 Oh trust me I would soo make out with him- ehem too much information O_o;

GIRLS! Let's spin the bottle, DATTEBAYO!!! (21 results with pics)
You got Haku! (I bring him back to life MUHAHAHA!)When the bottle pointed at Haku."Didn't you die?" Naruto asked shocked (just noticing him now) Haku smiled his girlie smile."Well, it's because...." "Shush and kiss" Kakashi said hurry. "Oh yes, sorry. It will be my honor" Haku said formally. He approach to you,then he leaned down and kissed you sweetly on the lips. (How does it feel be kissed by a man-lady?) after the kiss Haku sat down back to his seat.The kiss was: Sweet and formalItachi: I thought it was over when I beat Deidara in a beuty-contest, but still there is a person who is more GIRLIE than me.Kisame: For me, you are #1 most girliest guy...Itachi: Thank you, but next time don't let it sound so weird....
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