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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Tennis season is back
Ah, tennis, it's fun but not really something that I look forward to everyday like my family. It is just something to do and its fun to play once in a while, but to practice everyday but the weekend, ah, that would deprive me of my drawing time heh.
However I am writing a new story, most of you should already know if you already read the recent post or talked to me on aim.
Come talk to me on aim sometimes, I promise I will chatter away like a crazy maniac, well sometimes if there is something good to talk about.
^_^ That is only if you want to.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Drawing of a Girl
A drawing of a girl with two different wings has a meaning
Please try to understand what she is feeling
On top of a clip, kneeling
She wonders why she is such a being
Waiting for her heart to start healing

Utter despair of wanting to fly
To just touch the wispy clouds of the sky
Had god forsaken her, is she suppose to die?
No, a part of her had just said good bye
And now she is in deny.

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

It was fun Yesterday
Yesterday was the day that me and my family and friends performed our hip hop dance which we worked so hard to get done in the last three months.
It was fun, thrilling and I was having the time of my life up on stage however one of our crew members messed up, but he kept going.
But before all this greatness came, we had a frustrated and stressful morning. Well except me, I was slowly dieing from coughing and unable to breath through my nose as well as my mouth because my throat was hurting at the same time. Nobody notice because they were all too busy being frustrated about not getting what they want and at my cousin who was starving. I was fine with that though, I got better when I was walking out in the cold. For some reason, the cold made my symptoms go away. Also I felt better because my sister finally asked if I was okay.
In the morning I woke up early to take a shower, I rather take a shower first in this big family of mine, because if you take it last, the water would be cold and the towls wet. The first gets the hot water and dry towl, but I still had to limit my heatness in the water. We got everything ready, except I didn't have a dress. My sister provided me one, it was white. Dear god why white? I look good around the face area, but the body gah! I am body shy >< And its white! I feel exposed ah. When you're the type of girl that wears a whole bunch of layers and scarves everyday, this sudden change of only wearing one layer can make you feel really different. The thing that we had to go to was a formal thing.
We left the house around 2 and made it there early. I was excited to see the place so I had my cell phone out, we made it to the hotel which was really beautiful. I had the camera ready and took a step inside the ball room, getting all jiddy till I discovered that the place wasn't huge at all. The way that the president of the event described it, it would be as big like paris by night, boy did she over exaggerated.
My older sister and second older sister got really disappointed, they begin to say "What the? How disappointing! Our church is bigger than this." It's true, our church was bigger, and the stage that we had at the church was better too. Unlike the piece of junk stage that had cracks in it and is really small and that nobody was here yet. The guys that are in our dance said to be here at 2:30. But are they here yet? No, we had to wait for an hour for them all to arrive. My cousin came, she hangs out with my older sister a lot even though she is a year younger than me, and it feels as though that she's older than me too. Ah, oh well, as long as she doesn't talk back to me or be rude to me than it is all good.
She got deeply disappointed too and starts blabbering away in angriness. She talks loud, I was pretty sure some of the staff workers over heard her.
Then the guys came yay, and then the president came by and she had the most pretty makeup on her eye I have ever seen. It looked metallic and beautiful. We asked her who did her makeup. She said that a friend did it and that she asked us. Yes asked us if we wanted her friend to do our makeup too. We of course all said yes. She then told us that she will call her friend to find out if she could do it for us. Yay no everything was getting better, but then our cousin begin to feel faint from not being able to eat anything all day yet. We asked the president when we are getting our chipotle, because that is what she promised to get us. For that the event had a relationship with the Chipotle place and that they could get us a deal. Free. Another hour later the president told us that they weren't able to get a deal with the chipotle place, but one of the secretaries was standing right next to her, eating a chipotle. He looked at the president with a confuse look. "What deal? You just told us to to get any for the crew." My sister and my cousin was in shocked, she lied to us, and now our cousin is starving to death. And the president never called the person to ask if she could do our makeup either!!! So now we're starving well except me for like I said, slowly dieing ... and that we don't have time to get ready because we were waiting for the president to call for us. Grr, well luckily my older sister bought her makeup and that she's an expert at doing makeup, not just as good as the one we saw on the president. -_- Also the secetary went and bought us chipotle after he saw us walking out to the place and order. Paid for us. We got ready in two hours. The boys were already
in their tux waiting for us to finish up, it was funny, they only took about five minutes to get done, we took two hours. I mostly sit and waited to die. But other than that we all looked good and took some pictures. I hate wearing a dress, it makes me look really fat and expose much of my body. >< The guys complimented on how good we look and one of my friends was really shocked and couldn't get use to me wearing something white and a dress. heh. I felt really uncomfortable.
They told us that we have to use only half the stage for our dance. What??!!! We all yelled, there was so many people in the dance though, we had to rearrange our self to all fit on the stage.
Luckily our dance instructor was there to help us fix it up a bit.
There's more, but i have to leave now for church. heh, thank you for reading! :]

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Friday, February 15, 2008

Not much to say
She gazed out of her window still and watch as little drops of rain falls down, drip by drip, turning the outside world into the land of aqua. Her arms tied in a knot, she is unable to write down anything. Her legs numb; she is unable to walk. Her body still as a stone; she can't feel anything.
She kept gazing as the blade slit her throat and as she gazed, she doesn't have much to say.

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentines Day is tomorrow
And I got a new drawing done and should be posted. :]
Happy valentines day and i hope you have fun to those who have dates.
And those who doesn't have dates, go have fun with your friends or family, or be like me and stay at home and relax with a cup of hot chocolate. :]

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Monday, February 4, 2008

well, i got it
I told you guys before that I would post a few of my artwork that I was working on at school. So I did a little collab thing, whatever you guys call it. but it was too big to be uploaded here, so you guys can go few it at this place



i just posted the links twice, so dont think that there are four of them >< heh, and pleas mind my ugliness.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I'm excited
about this new project that I am working on in school. However I am terrified to how it might come out.
Okay, I'll explain from the top. What is there to explain, I am not sure, but I'll tell you a story that took place one week ago.
my class and I turned in our sketchbook as a class assignment whom which we have to make a niffy cover and score some points using the three grid rule. So I drew my cover, I have it posted and I believe you guys should know the one that I am talking about. Also in my sketchbook, I drew a drawing, a simple small drawing that for some reason I felt really different, and therefore drew it. Also posted. The weekend past, I was the first to walk into my classroom, and then my name was called. I turned my head towards the right and it was my art teacher. She said "I need to talk to you" o.0 ack, normally when you hear these words you begin to think, "Crap! Did I do something wrong?" Then I recall a time when my friend told me that she had her class for last semester and told me that the teacher hated anime, and whoever draws anime in her class, she will take the picture and give that person a zero for the day! And I drew an anime drawing in that sketchbook!! Not to mention the cover as well. Well not really anime, but more like animeaish, cartoonish, abstact art? She's going to fail me! ><
Panicking to death, she asks me to sit down, and then right out of her mouth, one simple word kept me completely speechless and dumbfounded. "You're good." WHat???! huh? You won't believe how suddenly my mind started to get so many thoughts to the point where you are even unable to say, thank you.
She loved my art that I drew in the sketchbook. She loved them and the cover. Huh, shows you that you shouldn't believe rumors. -_-;
And so, she gave me a new assigment to paint a trashcan (don't know why a trashcan, but i am not the only one that is painting one)
And so I am working on my new project of painting a big piece, I never painted before, aside watercolors, butI dont think you can do those on a metal surface.
I wonder if I'll be good at this. I worry, worry lots, I messed up the face today!!!!
But it looks good, i'm going to take pictures of my process, maybe. just to show you guys. aha

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

It's been a while
Since I last posted something huh.
I have a question to ask you guys, no need to answer or feel oblige to answer, but do you ever had a dream in which you dream about someone that you truly like?
Having the greatest moment of your life talking and hanging out with that person when suddenly, realization hits you, knowing that this all can't be real. That it is all a dream, that a moment like this is too good to be true, and then you wake up. Have you guys ever had that?
I do, so many times, and it hurts, I wake up sad and yet I am so happy because even if I can't see him in real life, I can still see him as I dream.

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Hey guys
Long time no talk?
I don't like it how some ppl would post in their blogs that no body reads their post and that it feels like they're not talking to anybody. Well guess what? You are talking to the otaku. That's right. The otaku is meh friend. Shhh
There is always someone listening.
New artwork, please check it out. :]

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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!!
me: "What shall be your first meal of the day?"
Brother: "Pho- oh WAIT!! We ran out"
me: "Hahaha, mine shall be cereal, and that was my last meal of the year too."
Friend: "Honey oats?"
me: "Honey oats ALMOND"
Friend: "Rock on!!"
High Five*

First pain of the year
Me: "Hey (insert friends name here). *punch in stomach
Short Friend: "Oof"

Happy New year everybody, and its my golden year too. I'm turning seventeen on the seventh day. (No not Janurary, September!!)
Or is it 2017? I'm not sure hahaha

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