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Friday, April 21, 2006

   Sigh...Family Problems...
~*~Updated~*~Theme Now Staring: Brotherly Love or War? Ayame and Yuki!Please commet on my Post! Doesn‘t this look coolly?
It's midnight here and I'm half awake trying to update.

Well today is the end of the Fanart Contest and I have two enters Reno The Turk
and Naruto112.

Thanks for everyone who helped me last time and sorry if the questions were confusing. I was updating in the middle of the night and trying to write quickly.

Anyways to days post is one of those days where my parents yell at each other. Well, this time they were yelling really loud and in our langue and in English combined. I hate when that happens. I hate when my dads home he always starts something. The house is always quit when it's only my mom, sis and me. Sigh...why is life so bad.

Also I'm going out today so I don't know when I'll come to sites but I well! Hopeful on my computer. This computer would let me go to two site. Agh...

Well I'll leave with a few questions.


1) What your fave type of music (like Rock, Pop, etc.)?
2) What your fave holiday?
3) What is your favorite season?
4) Which is better dub (English) or sub (is this right...Japanese)?
5) What you fave and least fave anime in you fave anime show?
6) What your fave TV show?
7) Do you like Harry Potter? If you do what your fave character?
8) I know I asked this before but what time is it there?
~~Wing Moon~~

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