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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

~*~Updated~*~Theme Now Staring: Brotherly Love or War? Ayame and Yuki!Please commet on my Post! Doesn‘t this look coolly?
I'm on my sis computer and it's soo slow. Hm.. I'll put everyone b-day on my school book thing then I can give you a card and something special on your b-day. Anyways something interesting happened yesterday.

I got this call from a number that I thought was my dad. When I said hello this guy starts yelling in a different langue and I'm think not my dad.

Then I ask my mom does she know who it is and she saying hang up it's the wrong number.

When I hang up and my mom starts laughing at me. I was like 0o and my mom said my expression though out the conversation was priceless.

Anyways I asked what song was playing in the background before and Reno The Turk
& mewmewlover55. It's No Such thing by John Mayer. Congrts you too.

Anyways I add more effects! I'm so proud of myself! Also I got a radio and I think it's a Pop station. So Enjoy it.

On yea my Fanart contest ends Friday so if anyone still wanting to join. Please do before that day.

1) How do you fix your BG?
2) Does anyone know how to put up a layout on MyO?
3) Do you know the manga Loveless?
4) If you were to share a room (like a roommate) with an anime character who would it be?
5) Do you know any anime twins? If so what are there names and what anime.
6) How do you get that
Featured Quiz under you post and stuff?
Bye! Have a nice day.

~~Wing Moon~~

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