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Sunday, April 16, 2006

   Bitter and Sweet....I'm back...
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Lol nice title right? I missed you guys!!! Did you miss me? Well I'm back from vacation which was good and bad.

We took a bus and when we went well my dad was umm stupid?

This what happen:

We ran into the bus station to go to on our vacation. Well when we got there was a line but at first we didn't know. Then this person said that we were cutting the line. At first we didn't listen then one of the bus person (what do you call them). Well my mom, sis and me said ok and left but my stupid dad starts yelling. Making this whole scene...><""" I wish I wasn't related to him. Sigh...

Then the bus was delay ><.

When we got there everything was great up until when my parents were fighting again,

When we going back home the bus was one hour delay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >< agh..

Then I came back yesterday...and I went to everyone sites and few more. Go me! ^^ lol

Also I only have one contestant for my Fanart contest...T.T. PLEASE JOIN! *starts crying* I'm expand it up until this Friday. Then I'm closing it...

Anyways I said bitter and sweet for my title b/c parts of my vacation was bitter and getting at least one contestant was sweet.

My whole life is bitter and sweet...

Anyways just some question then I'll sleep and get up and go to your sites.


1) Will you join my contest please or ask people to join...please!?

2) Well you join Magnus Lensherr and Wing Moon
forum? (just click our names) Thanks ^^

3) Howe are you? What happen when I was gone?

4) Did any of you parent embarrassed you? What happened?

5) What your fave. element?

6) What your fave. theme that you ever did?


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