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Monday, April 10, 2006

Sorry for the late post
~*~Updated~*~Theme Now Staring: Brotherly Love or War? Ayame and Yuki!Please commet on my Post! Doesn‘t this look coolly?
I'm going on a short vacation Wed. - Sat. that the least so I would be going to sites. Sorry. I promise the minute I come back I'll go to sites! ^__________________________^ I never break a promise only if it's to my dad.

Also starting Wed. is my Spring Break! ^^ So I could go to more sites when I get that is...^^

Just a really short post and just some few questions

1) Do you have PM problems?
2) Did you legs or leg ever fell asleep?
3) What was the oldest anime you ever watched?
4) Do you know the anime or manga Pita-ten?


Just one more thing ElvesAteMyRamen did you get my PM? I know I sent you one I just wondering if you got it?



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