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Friday, March 31, 2006

   Party time...lol I know it's late
~*~Updated~*~Theme Now Staring: Brotherly Love or War? Ayame and Yuki!Please commet on my Post! Doesn‘t this look coolly?
Sorry about the late party but here it is! So grab a drink and food and join the party! So leave all your trouble (if you have any) and join the very first NARUTO AND INU PARTY! Host by your one and only...Wing Moon! XD

lol seen it going a long post I had decide to make into section. So you could just skip down to ~Surprise~...if you asked a question to Naruto team or me then you have to read the whole post. Seen I'll randomly ask question and Naruto team too. *laugh evil*

Saskue: Don't scare them off...

Me: If I scare them off you just bring them back, right?

Saskue: How many girls do you...

Me: I'm not telling...^.~

Saskue: So how I feel very scared...

Naruto: You should be!

Me: what the suppsoe to mean? Don't be mean to the guest!

Naruto: Is there going to raman seved to everyone.

Me: -_-"" if you leave for a while

Sakura: As if Naruto would leave if food is involed.

Me: True...

Inu.: >.> why am I here?

Me: 'case we love you. ^^

Inu: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh or you stole m---

Me: Moving on!!! Time to bring back old memory...

~~~Old Memory~~~

*In a wide screen...Me: WORK YOU DARN THEME!!!!!*

Naruto: 0.o ummm

*Me: *breack down crying**

Saskue: -_-"""" if you didn't yell---

*Sudden it starts to work*

Inu.: No comment...

*Only the post appeared*

Me: *sniff* I got so mad I kill my computer

Everyone: 0.o Wing Moon the three W's:




Me: hey >:O

Everyone: *Ignoring me* And her name starts with a W.....0.0

Me: Oh stupid

Everyone: and Mean....her next word in her name...0.0 coool

Me: Sorry everyone who love the following people but I must fight back:

Sakura: Shut up

Saskue: Stupid

Inu: Idoit

Naruto: Nonsense

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Beat that moron!!!!!

Saskue: >.< I'm not stupid...danm it I sound like Naruto!

Naruto: Hey I been called...a...umm...what did you say.

Me: Alright now to a questions from our guests:

sweet kisses: 1) well, i wanna ask why is your username wing moon?

2)nop! ^_^
Me: I choose Wing Moon as my username b/c I loved wings and I liked Sakura in CC wing card and my first anime I ever saw was Sailor Moon.

So I put Wing and Moon together. ^^

Freako: 1) Is there any question you want to ask me? Not rite now....

2) Anyway Question you want to ask Naruto, Saskue or Sakura? WHY DONT ONE OF YOU GO OUT ALREADY?!?!?!? Lol

Naruto: Well b/c Sakura like Sas---

Sakura: *slaps Naruto*
Naruto: But they already well anyways that why.

Saskue: I don't love. I don't have any friends. I'm on my own.


Me: That was cold...


Me: Ok seen everyone in this room knows how to spell there name (or username). So here a game that I made in a Roleplay with one of my friend. Try it out. ^^

First spell your name backwards.

Saskue: Ok ummm Euksas

Naruto: You name sound werid....

Saskue: Why you bonehead..

Me: Moving on! You guy sound like an old couple!!!!

Ok then add any letter to the front.

Saskue: hmmm.... Euksas...ummm...do I have too?

Me I don't think it works with you but...go and try

Saskue: um...Deuksas

Me: Ok...

Ok drop the last letter and what do you get...

Saskue: Euksas

Naruto: *crank up*

Me: wait they more steps if that happens...*reads of role-play*

See now that add another step. Push the middle letter to the front.

Saskue: Ok...Keusas...right?

Me: umm...yup...now well it say add a T but it just make it more werider. Sorry S---

Naruto: Euksas!!! *cry out of his laughter*

Saskue: why you little...wait do Naruto next. Anyone want try...*does a death glare to everyone else*

Me: -_-""" Who scaring our guests now?

Naruto: It's ok I'll try it...So ummm what did you say.

Me: How...Never mind ok...

First spell your name backwards.

Naruto: um...O...T...u...umm....r...a...n...Oturan

Me: ok....

Ok then add any letter to the front.

Naruto: hmm...Oturan..ummm...do I have to do this? *mocking Saskue*

Saskue: You Bonehead...Stupid....Un--

Me: You guy should call each other old couple not rival...you guys make the word shameful.

Anyways Naruto...

Naurto: I know Oturakn

Me: hm...ok...wait I see something wait Naruto I going to change so of the rules...

Ok drop these letters: N and R

Naruto: Ok... Otuak

Me: ok:

Now move the "k" in the middle of "u" and "a" and what do you get...

Naturo: Otaku...lol I see

Me: ^_________^ MyOtaku lol

Alright now to a questions from our guests:

JapansHottestCEO: Wing Moon what is sex???? well i dont have a question for the Naruto people you've suggested...but i have a question for Itachi- Will you marry me?

Me: ummmmm did you mean at? Ummm I guess kissing

Naruto: YES!

Me: 0.O she asked for Itachi not you.

Naruto: Hmph Saskue whole family is arghh steal the spot light.

Me: Anyways on to one more question...

Magnus Lensherr: 1) Do you like giant spiders?

2) Hmm ~ Thinks ~ What the hell, do you guys like giant spiders? (all of them have to answer that)

Me: ummm...toy spiders? Um if not well if they don't have posion then yes I like them.

Naruto: Yup I like all kind of insert!

Saskue: Yea...I guess

Sakura: 0.0 ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm Nope


Me: Tomorrow I going to try and put up the contest.

I just want to say that it going to be so fun! Seen I saw some of your drawing and story and wow...was blow away. They were so good!

Sakura: Really? Was there any drawing with me and you know him.

Me: Yup and did you and him look really good. I mean really good.

Sakura: ^////^ Thank whoever did it...

Naruto & Inu: What about me!!!

Me: Well I haven't seen any of you guys drawing...I think you guys would look nice too.

So I hope you guys well enter. ^^

Anyways on the last few questions:

obnoxious: ) Is there any question you want to ask me? (expert where I live and my name. I'll answer anything else)-hm.....do you like DDR? =]

2) Anyway Question you want to ask Naruto, Saskue or Sakura?- to naruto- what made you so interested in sakura?

Me: Yup. ^_________^
Naruto: Good question! I'm interested in Sakura b/c she beautiful.
Me: That it?

Naruto: Hmmm...yup

Me: ^^""""""""" ok

ElvesAteMyRamen: 1)If they made a movie based on your life, who would you want to play you?

2)Not really...
Me: It would be....Anne Hathaway. ^^


Ok here the section everyone been waiting for or people who just skip down. ^^

Drum roll please...

I think I got...

NARUTO THE FIRST MOVIE! Yup...but I think. lol sorry

Anyways every party has a movie so for this party I have Naruto the first movie. Enjoy!! ^^

Naruto Movie

I wanted to get FMA the movie but I didn't know if I was getting an episode or not. So that the end of the party.

Hoped you liked it! And see you tomorrow on the Contest update. ^^

~~Wing Moon~~

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