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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

   Depression continues....
~*~Updated~*~Theme Now Staring: Brotherly Love or War? Ayame and Yuki!Please commet on my Post! Doesn‘t this look coolly?


I took your advise and the person stop talking. Thanks! Sorry I updated late…

Anyways I still feel depress b/c right after I went to everyone’s sites and updated on MyO on Saturday. My parents started to fight...yelling and my Dad throwing things at my mom.
I feel even more depressed and then I went to everyone who had music and listen to it. Man, I feel like screaming and....

My stomach hurts I didn't go to school on Monday (oh my parent were fight then too) or Tuesday or today -_- they still fighting. Also my dad asking money from me and my sister...

Then I realized what school was for it was to escape from home.


Oh well anyways I wanted to do a contest seen I feel like I need something to block to depression from continuing...and the winner is....


Sorry about the people who wanted Graphic or theme.

Next Saturday I'll make up the rules and stuff.

Oh and thanks for ranking me tens and one eighth! Also I'm glad your not mad at me!

Anyways more question! ^________________________^

1) Now that The contest is chosen what prices would you want?
2) Why did you choose the name you have for MyO?
3) Which is better Fruit Basket the Manga or the anime?
4) How are you ^_^?
5) What's your fave song and who sings it?
6) What's your fave anime?
7) What's your fave Manga?
8) Do you know where I could upload wav. files on to the interent?
9) Ever head of Mageman NT warroir?
10) Do like me asking question?
11) How long have you had your computer?
12) What should be my next theme?
a) FMA
b) Sailor Moon
c) another crossover
d) His and Her Circumstance
e) others (suggestions?)

~~Wing Moon~~

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Saturday, March 18, 2006

   Hi I'm having a very depressing week...
~*~Updated~*~Theme Now Staring: Brotherly Love or War? Ayame and Yuki!Please commet on my Post! Doesn‘t this look coolly?

Sorry but I'm in a really bad mood and I'm freaking pissed off. Sorry if I sounded mean on your comment lately it just that I'm in a bad mood and pissed off. First there this person who in my class that keeps talking and TALKING! Luck when I go to the next class that person wasn't there but when I went on AIM there the person. T.T SAVE ME! Then the person keep talking and talking about how that person hates this teacher and so on.

-.- that person is complete rude too!!!!!!! I swear that person is making my life and day worse! Next this whole week it was depressing to...I felt so alone and the was three fights in my class.


Oh well on happier I think,,, I had this dream that Kouji was kissing me. ^////^

Also I have this dream that Manta (from Shaman King) grew up and was tall and handsome. Also he looked like Kouji with brown hair ^////^. Also I dreamed that I was Kouichi for a day and his mother keep hugging Kouichi/Me telling Kouichi/Me that I was her son always. I felt so sad and I cried because she was dying in the end of my dream. I think I was physically crying b/c the next day my mom said if I was OK. But it was really sad….T.T

Anyways I’ll leave you guys with some questions:

1. If I had a contest what contest would you like: Theme Contest, Graphic Contest or FanFic/FanArt?

2. If I did have a contest will you enter it?

3. Did you ever hear of the band 3 Days Grace? If so did you hear there song I hate Everything About you? Just Like you?

4. If you switch with any character for a day who would it be and what would you do?

5. Are you mad at me?

6. If you were to choose your family? Do you think your have any sibling?

7. Ever heard of the game This or That?

8. Write a caption for this picture:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

9. Ever heard of an anime Kyo Kana Maoh? If so is that anime Yaoi?

10. If you were to rank me 1-10 what would you rank me? 1- bad 10-good

Specking of Caption if you like doing that Blue eyes has a Caption Contest. So you could enter.

Well bye guys and sorry about the long post.

~~Wing Moon~~

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Saturday, March 11, 2006

   Hi guys!
~*~Updated~*~Theme Now Staring: Brotherly Love or War? Ayame and Yuki!Please commet on my Post! Doesn‘t this look coolly?

I glad you liked my new theme and thanks for answering my question. Also I'm glad you guys liked the other theme.

Did anyone taken a IQ? lol I'm just asking...I didn't (only when my friends in my school start bragging. I start bragging saying I got 100. XD)

Anyways today is my mother b-day like I said in my last post. Anyways when it was over I went back online to go to your sites. Then my sister comes and tells me we have a "unexpected visitor". I said who is that?
She said...spider!

I thought she was joking so I smiled and then she said she meant it. I still smiling even though I was freaking out! She said she caught it though and I was like…YAY! Then my sister and me get into this conversation if I was there. I said the spider would have swayed this way and other way. My sister said I would have made the spider scream with me...LOL.

Also yesterday my teacher kind of embarrassed me. She said "So what the excuse this time?"

I was like "Huh???"

She said, "Were you absent before Wednesday?"

(Seen on Thursday the class went on the trip. Right? Well she thought I would be absent b/c I usual am. But that doesn't mean I would absent like right after I had an absent. I was absent on Tuesday...)

Well I was like "No"

Then she said Oh and went back to what she was doing.

I can't believe she would think like that....T.T sometime teachers are so mean!

Did you ever get embarrassed like that?

Anyway next week I can't come to your sites (maybe on Friday) I have a test. So hope you guys don't mind. Also I might have to study today too but I'll get to your site ASPA.

~~~'Wing Moon'~~~~

PS- Do you like my post Pic.? I like it but if you guys don't I'll try to find another pic.

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Thursday, March 9, 2006

   Lol I’m updating in school
~*~Updated~*~Theme Now Staring: Brotherly Love or War? Ayame and Yuki!Please commet on my Post! Doesn‘t this look coolly?

This is rare and cool I’m updating in school. Seen like half my class is gone on a trip and left me behind T.T. Lol

Anyways I just started making my new theme. How do you like it? Well right after Kouji journal broke my heart. I decide to change the theme (and I think you guys were getting sick of it). Also I wanted to do a theme around my clubs but thought against it. Seen I didn’t even finish my banners XD. Well I hope you like it.

Thanks for 15 comments and thanks for saying Happy B-day. Also I got a card from mewtohru which I would like to show but I’m in school. Anyways Thanks you mewtohru I love the card!

Well tomorrow my mother bday and I can’t wait to give her present.

Today in class I we had to present about some science topic. Well my group already and we did well. Anyways the groups that went today were good and bad. One of them had my crush in it (the one that did mad). T.T everyone was laughing t them and me too. I couldn’t help it they did real badly. Even my Science teacher was angry and I feel really bad.

Question: Would you have done the same thing if you were in my place?

Well I’ll try to go to sites now if not then when I get home.

~~~Wing Moon~~

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Wednesday, March 1, 2006

   happy bday to me! wheeeeeeeeeeee
~*~Updated~*~Theme Now Staring: Brotherly Love or War? Ayame and Yuki!Please commet on my Post! Doesn‘t this look coolly?

It's my b-day today! YAY! Anyways I can't go anyone site today. Sorry...I promise to go tomorrow. Sorry if I didn't get to your site yesterday

Bye ~~~Wing Moon~~~

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Thursday, February 23, 2006

I'm at Kouji house!
~*~Updated~*~Theme Now Staring: Brotherly Love or War? Ayame and Yuki!Please commet on my Post! Doesn‘t this look coolly?

I'm at my crush house shhhhhhh don't tell. Anyways before I say anything more MyO HATES ME!!! I swear yesterday I updated! But when I checked again it didn't come. *cries*

Anyways I here in Kouji House for a couple of Reasons:

1) I lied...XD...well I thought my computer was going weird on me. So I asked Kouji if I could use his computer.

2) I here to see if he liked me. I'm looking for a journal or anything.

3) I here to make an impression on his parents. That he has girl...friends (^////^ I didn't mean it the couple way.) Well I think I made a good impression or something of the sort. His dad keep rubbing his glasses and his mother just smiled at me.


*Shuts MyO screen*

Me: "Yes?"

Kouji Mother: "Kouji? Are in you in there?"

Me: "No...it's Wing Moon."

Kouji Mother: "Oh my can you open the door."

*Opens the door to see Kouji Stepmother*

Me: "Hi"

Kouji Mother: "Hi dear can I talk to you?"

Me: "Sure...ummm...."

Kouji Mother: "It's about Kouji."

Me: "Ok"

Kouji Mother: "Are you his girlfriend?"



Kouji Mother: "Well it's ok I'm glad he choose a nice girl."

Me: What that suppose to mean?


Kouji Mother: " Well anyways I just want you to know Kouji----"

Me: Kouji what's?

*phone starts to ring*

Kouji Mother: "Well I better get that."

And I was so close........*crys*

*Opens up MyO*

Anways can you Guys help me find Infor? If you were a guy or is guy where well you hide you jounarl. I think under the bed?

*looks under the bed*

Photos....of Kouji and Kouichi...socks (ewww)....I don't want to know what that was. *stands up*

Decks.....books....some kind of rock. Oh April fools Takuya....journal?

*opens up the book that looks like a journal*

I hate Takuya....I hate Takuya really really a lot....Meeting my really mom...I hate Takuya....Must get revenge from Takuya....(Takuya is really popular in this book, no?)....Blah...blah...oh I love...Zoe.

*Doors opens*

Damn it! Let go Wing Moon! *throws book inside and turns around to see Kouji.*

Kouji: Done Updating?

Me: Yea....thanks for letting me use your computer.

Kouji: Couldn't have it any other way. *smiles*

Me: Yea...bye. *go straight towards the door*

Kouji: I wonder why she in a rush to get out. *takes out the book I was reading* Glad she didn't read this. *throws into the garbage* Seen I love someone else got to write in a different book. *Takes out a different book and starts to write*

Dear Journal,

My Crush came here today shhh don't tell. She been complaining about MyO seen it wouldn't let her update. She is so cute...I think my mom talk to her. Hopefully she didn't tell her...that I love her.

If your wondering who she is it's....Wing Moon.

Over N' Out


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Sunday, February 19, 2006

   Happy Birthday! Blue eyes and CuteKilala!
~*~Updated~*~Theme Now Staring: Brotherly Love or War? Ayame and Yuki!Please commet on my Post! Doesn‘t this look coolly?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU GUYS!....ok CuteKilala was last Thursday but you know....Anyways I send you a card Blue eyes, did you get it? Also you too CuteKilala.

Thank you guys from the last post comments. I knew if I spilled my feeling out in MyO you guys well be there to help. Thanks a lot. *hug* Also my sister and me made up. Happy Ending! ^_^

Oh sorry I could get to some of you guys site Thursday and Friday.

Next week is no school!!!!!!!!!!! ^__________________________^ Just that I have to go to a Monday - Wednesday class 9-12. Also I have my project panthers come on Monday to do a project. Oh and my sister said something funny. Seen it's three boys and three girls (including me) she said "Aw and now we can't watch the Little Mermaid." LOL

Also early this week (Last Sunday) we went to Best Buy to buy my sis. a computer. Then this guy comes up that is Hindu (I think) and ask us where we from.

My dad said, "Indian"

Ok before I continue I really don't know my native language really good (really I don't know it at all XD) or my sister.

Then the guy start talking in my native language and my dad and sister were dumbfound! I was just laughing my head off and when I tried to stop I end up getting hiccups! LOL that was just crazy.

Also 3 people told me that they tried to PM me but it was to full. Sorry! I delete some my PM so if you tried to PM I'm soooooooooo sorry. Also if someone send my something 2/13/06 I couldn't reply b/c whenever I tried to look at it's not coming up.

I made two clubs I just wanted to know if anyone interest in joining?

One is the Anime Clowns which are anime characters that are just funny, crazy and want attention. Like Naurto, Takuya, Joe, Ayame and etc.

Second is The Loners and Cool Anime they are the lonely anime characters which they think are to cool for anyone. Like Kouji, Sasuke, Seto, Kyo and etc.

If anyone interested and if you join...thank you!

Also when I came back to MyO thank you for the comments and you guys are so nice to me...thank you again for being the BEST of friends a person could never had. *hugs*

Also thank you Refi on that post when you asked my question about the twins. Thanks.

Question: Do you guys know any other twins?

Over and out!

Wing Moon

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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

sorry about the late post.
~*~Updated~*~Theme Now Staring: Brotherly Love or War? Ayame and Yuki!Please commet on my Post! Doesn‘t this look coolly?

Sorry about the late post. I just so angry and pissed off. Also sorry if I don't come by your site today. My mean sister want the computer and keep annoying me to give to her. I wish I could rip something or jus go crazy. I hate myself...I hate the world right now....I hate my sister....I hate the girls in my school. I just wish I could disappear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man...if I live through this and don't try to kill myself then I comment tomorrow.

Also sorry if you didn't get a v-day card from me. I was sending it out until my SISTER came and ask for the computer. Could she wait noooooooooo she wants it here and now.

If you didn't get the cards under here.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


P.S.- I really want to die....

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Saturday, February 11, 2006

   I'm BACK! ^__^
~*~Updated~*~Theme Now Staring: Brotherly Love or War? Ayame and Yuki!Please commet on my Post! Doesn‘t this look coolly?

I missed you guys so much! Sorry I haven't comment on your sites in a lonf time. I had so many tests and projects do. Anyways how are you guys?
Anyway if no one doing anything will you PM. I so bored and if you guys aren't busy will you talk to me.

How the new look? Weird...Disorganization? lol

3 more weeks until my B-DAY! YAY! ^_________________________^ can't wait

I'll end this weird post by asking one more favor (so many favor...lol) could you vist my site when I done and sign the GB? Please!

Over and Out!

Wing Moon~~

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Thursday, November 24, 2005

My computer making fun of me -_-'''.
~*~Updated~*~Theme Now Staring: Brotherly Love or War? Ayame and Yuki!Please commet on my Post! Doesn‘t this look coolly?

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Sorry I couldn't comment yesterday...sis. keep the computer all to herself. A visitor came...and...my grandparents (my dad side) called! (Wahhhhh). I hate them! Annoying little grandparents. Evil is their first name!

They always saying things like "You have to wake up and study...(aghhh kill me.)" "Be thankful for God..(already am don't need your stupid mouth to tell me.)"

Always they treat my dad like a 3 year old...when we went to back India this summer. Hell just call...it want you to bleed. Anyways my grandmother anyways came over. She goes to my Dad and says "Little Sweetie how are you?" (LITTLE? WTH???? LITTLE!!!! A man is called little...scary.)

Then she tickles him! (0.0 Now that what I call a nightmare.) Also my Dad LOVE it and giggle (*falls off chair* maybe he is Little. God and my sis. and me are the parents.) I wanted to run away b/c we had front seat for this...(I thought my Dad was the weirdest. Nope it the whole family (my dad and his parents.)

Someone save me before I die crying...and screaming.

Anyways my computer making fun of me. It's Window XP...See it sticking it's tongue at me. Also I think it can hear me thoughts 0.0.
I said in my thoughts "Windows are so slow. Oh brother."

Then it freezes...0.0

Then I think it making fun of me and like a yes. It goes back to normal.

Happy thanksgiving! Everyone! I sorry but I don't feel like making an award. Seen I feel like I'm bad at them

Specking of Thanksgiving my best friend Mayura Ashita gave this award for me and her friends. Thanks!

Last I made effects to MyO. So tell me if you could see them.



PS- Also samtheturk65 can’t wait for the drawing and your welcome. ^-^

Vist my sister, brothers and best friends (B/c you guys start out as best friends!)!

Click here to visit samtheturk65!

Click here to visit Evil Akito!

Click here to visit Blue Eyes!

Click here to visit My Bro.XxCloud StrifexX!

Click here to visit My another Bro. Fallen_angel_x__2!

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