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Friday, January 21, 2005

Hey everyone! Well, I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm gonna be leaving MyO. No one's offended me, or anything like that, it's just, I feel like I'm spending way too much of my time trying to keep up with my site. There're more important things I feel like I should be devoting my life too. So yes, this will be my farewell. I also wanted to say a little something to my friends here at MyO. If you don't find your name down here, I'm really sorry, but these are for my friends who have really stuck by, and seem to actually make quite an effort to comment regularly on my posts. And if you don't mind I'd really prefer if you'd just read what I wrote specifically to you, thanks:

Chie: Oh my goodness, thank you so much for your friendship! You are one of the sweetest person I've ever met! With your personality, I know you're going to go far in life, I wish you the best *hugs tighly*

Dan Felton: Danny, you are such an awesome friend, and I am so glad I got to know you just a little bit. I'm gonna miss are morning(for me atleast) chats on your site. I wish you luck with your art career, you are an incredibly artist, and I'll be keeping my eyes open for your comics in the future. I hope your life goes well for you. Thanks for everything *hugs*

Black Mage TBow: Man, you are such a cool person! I'm so glad you found me or I found you, whichever way it was I'm glad you were my friend! You're such a great, funny guy, and I hope life treats you well! And whether you like it or not, *hugs super tightly*

BrokenKokoro: Thank you so much for being my friend! You are such a sweetheart, and I hope everything works out for you in life. I'm gonna miss reading your comments so much, I honestly always looked forward to reading your especially, I'm really gonna miss you, girl *hugs*

Demonsprite: Oh goodness, what am I gonna do without my little opposite?! *hugs* I'm gonna miss you sooo much! Thank you for all the things your've done for me, and for just being an awesome friend! I hope you do okay in this big world!

Hinaru: Hinaru, my dear, you are one cool kid, granted you're older than me, but so what ^_^ Anyway, I am so gonna miss you! You really an such an awesome guy, I'm honored to have know you, even if it was just over the internet! Stay cool...*hugs tighly*

Liam mc: I dunno what it was, but something about you, I always felt like you were really one of my best friends here. You're just so cool, and were always such a sweety! I'm going to miss you so much, you have no idea. Good luck with your art, I know you'll make it big *hugs ever so tighly*

OzyJones: Man, you are one cool person, I'm honored to know you! It's up to you now to make sure all of MyO is converted to Beatles fans, I'm counting on you my dear ^_~ Good luck with life *hugs*

Petie: Oh, my little Petie, what ever will I do with out you? This might sounds strange, but I've always thought of you as a little brother. I'm really going to miss visiting your site, and hearing about your day. I hope life treats you well, and my you and your friends spend many joyful, video-game filled days together *hug tighly*

Rustym: I think out of everyone I've known here, I'm going to miss reading your posts most of all. You're such a cool person, and you have the most gloriously wonderful, dry sense of humor, I hope you never change. You are one amazing artist and I know you'll go far in life! Thanks for your friendship *hugs*

Sailor Firestar: Oh dear, what will I do with out you? You really become one of my dearest friends here at MyO, and I am sooo gonna miss you! You're such a sweet, wonderful, funny person, and I hope life goes well for you! Thank you so much for everything *hugs* Oh, and give Duo a big goodbye-kiss on the cheek for me!

Shizoku: Shizoku, my dear, you were such an amazing friend, I never deserved you, but I was greatly blessed! Thank you so much for it all *hugs ever so tightly* I hope everything works out for you, good luck with your art!

Shizuka: Oh my dearest little Shizuka, I wish I could wisk you away and keep you as my little sister and spoil you and love you forever! You are such a sweetheart, I don't know what I'll do with out your wonderful cuteness brightening my day! May God bless you in everything you set to do *hugs, and hugs, and hugs...*

Yamcha: I know I didn't get to know you that well, but I'm thankful we were friends even for a little bit! You're such a sweet guy and I know someday soon you're gonna sweep some lucky girl off her feet and live happily ever after! Good luck with it all *hugs tighly*

Well, those are my little messages. I'm going to miss all of you so much, you were such a blessing in my life! My thoughts and prayers will be with you all forever! And thank you to everyone who has visited whether once or a hundred times, thank you! And before I start to cry, I bid you all my final farewell.


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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Quotes of the day:

Michael Llewelyn Davies: Mummy, can we have Uncle Jim for dinner?
Sylvia Llewelyn Davies: Have him over for dinner, we're not cannibals.

Michael Llewelyn Davies: [after Mrs Llewelyn Davies asks to speak to James in private] Is he in trouble? Because I've been alone with Grandma, and I know what it's like...

and my favorite:

Peter Llewelyn Davies: That "golden" scepter is just an old hunk of wood.
J.M. Barrie: Ah, yes, well... we're dreaming on a budget.

-Finding Neverland

And if your wondering why my last post was one big link...I have no idea...laters...

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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Hey everyone! Well, since this might be my last post in a while (you know how school is) I’ll try to make it a good one. I guess I’ll give a little overview of my week thus far, I havn’t done that in a while. Okay here goes...

Sunday: Went to church in the morning. Since I hadn’t been there the past two weeks, when we were in Florida, I got a big shock when I was told my mom and I were to keep the nursery. The worst part...my mom had stayed home sick. I didn’t think it would be too bad. We rarely have more than 5 kids so I figured another women from church would help me. Well, when I got there, a few of the mothers were saying goodbye to their babies, and then all of a sudden it seemed like we had a flood of babies! We ended up with 10 kids! I’ve never seen so many. My church is fairly small, so that many kids was quite the shock. Luckily, the baby I took care of primarily fell asleep pretty quickly. The only problem, she kept trying to eat my hair -_- She’d grab a handful and stuff it in her mouth. She had a really strong grip too, I’m surprised I’m not bald ^_^;;
Sunday night was kind of a movie night. My brother, his girlfriend, and I started out with “Singin’ in the Rain.” Oh, that’s got to be one of my all time favorite movies! Yeah, I’m one of those crazy people who adores movies where people spontaneously break out into choreographed song and dance. It’s just so great ^_^ Then we watched another movie.

The Pianist = The greatest movie ever made

Yes, my brother got “The Pianist” for Christmas and we all watched it for the first time. Oh goodness, it is sooooooooooooooooooo good! I just can’t describe how incredible it is! I don’t know if I’d call it my favorite movie, considering some of the up close violence, but it’s by far the greatest. I dunno, I guess because I play piano too, that the movie really got me worked up emotionally. I cried so much off and on, but when he played piano, I balled! It was just so beautiful! If you’re okay with war-type violence, you should definitely see it. If you’re more like me, then watch it with someone who’s seen it before, or close your eyes whenever the nazi’s start to get annoyed. Ah, it was great...

Monday: I spent most of the day bumming around the house. Last night though was great! I went to a “Girls Only” party at my friend’s house. 6 girls + an evening spent around the kitchen table = total pandemonium. We ate tacos, talked, ate ice-cream, talked, then played the board game catch-phrase. It was so funny, when we were playing the game because one girl (she’s a bit of an air-head at times) got the words “mating call” and screamed out, “What ducks say when they want to do it!" It was so funny! We all about died laughing. Everyone got a headache and half of them were crying we all laughed so hard. After a bit we all looked at her and were like, "Ducks?!" It was great ^_^

Well, I suppose that's all. I hope it wasn't boring or anything. Have a fantastic day! laters...

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Monday, January 10, 2005

New theme: The Beatles
Hey, it had to happen sometime ^_^

Thanks to everyone who commented on my story, much appreciated! Hope you guys are having a great week! laters...

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Friday, January 7, 2005

The Black Boa
Part Three:

Phil beamed even more, “That fits. A beautiful little star.” Phil gently placed her hand into his own and they traveled as such for the remainder of the night. She walked with him, she talked with him, and before the dawn broke upon the stars, she loved him.
Phil had stopped. Stella looked up at him and realized with horror they were standing if front of her house. She gazed at him pleadingly, begging him not to make her go home. Phil looked at her thoughtfully, still smiling gently, “Strange, I wouldn’t think you would like it like this…it’s quite a change from what you’re used to.”
Stella stared at him. How had he known…? But, before she could reply anything he continued, “You must go home now and rest. However, if you want to see me again, you know what to do.” The boa fell off Stella’s shoulder into her palm. She clutched it instinctively.
Phil stroked his hand gently on her cheek. “I have to go now, but don’t fret, change isn’t really all that bad.” He ruffled her short black curls that spilled out from under her hat. Like a dawn breeze, he kissed her cream toned skin, now streaked with tears. With his tiger beside him, he walked down the streets to where the street lamps rushed to follow.
Stella walked into her house, past the living room, and up into the attic. She stared at the trunk. It smiled upon as though knowing what it had accomplished. Stella breathed heavily; she knew what she had to do. Slowly, sadly she took off the beautiful fabrics and placed them into the trunk. A single tear glided down her cheek as she got up to leave. She heard Moonlights guttural growl and clutched the boa still draped across her shoulders.
It was as though she was saying goodbye to an old friend, when she replaced the black boa. She shut the lid, fastened the lock, turned around, and bent down to stroke her persian.
Stella heard the car horn outside and a rap on the door. And for the first time in a long time she genuinely smiled. She now knew that change was not as bad as she once thought it to be. It could be beautiful, infact it could lead to a grand adventure.
Stella raced Moonlight down the attic steps leaving the trunk alone. And so it continues to sit, alone and unopened, waiting for that one day when someone ventures forth and is swept away into an amazing adventure.

Hope you guys liked it! Have a fantatsic weekend!

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Thursday, January 6, 2005

Black Boa
Part Two:

She turned around, eager to see her white persian’s expression at the change. Stella was the only one shocked. Framed in the doorway was a massive, full—grown, white tiger. She softly whispered his name in disbelief. Upon hearing the loved and familiar voice, the tiger began rubbing itself gently on the girl.
Stella let her hand glide across the beautiful fur. It transformed flawlessly from white to black stripes. She listened to Moonlight’s deep, guttural purr. Once again change had tricked her.
Moonlight began gently to nudge his head against Stella’s hand. She looked and in his mouth was a long thin velvet leash. Stella shook her and backed up, eyes wide with horror. She could never take a tiger out onto the streets. It was dangerous, and she would probably be arrested!
Nevertheless, Moonlight persisted. And upon seeing his pleading crystal blue eyes, she could not refuse. She latched the leash onto his collar, pushed the boa across her shoulder, tipped her hat down defiantly, and proceeded to stare at the front door motionless.
Moonlight pulled on the leash, brushed by the door and they were on the streets. Stella stared in wonder at it all.
She shook her head, shameful at herself. If her house and cat changed, why should not the whole world join in the game?
The midday sun had given way to the ivory orb and the sky was alight with the stars. The streets and sidewalks seemed the same, yet they glowed with a hidden beauty. The street lamps were covered in black velvet, and the bulbs looked like stars fallen from the heavens. And the people! All playing the part they were given flawlessly. One woman was dressed darkly, with a leashed crocodile on tow. The baker looked ready for a ball with the librarian holding to his arm, her face flushed with pleasure. All around she saw people transformed. They all looked beautiful!
Moonlight began to pull roughly on the leash. He seemed to have a destination pre—planned. Stella let the tiger lead her. She had no fears when he stood by her.
He led her into the park. Stella gasped and clutched Moonlight for support. Never in all her life had she seen something so amazing! The trees glowed a deep emerald, their bark a brilliant ivory. The treetops were alight with small orbs dancing throughout the leaves. It looked like a fairy paradise.
Stella felt a presence behind her and whirled around. There in front of her was a boy, the same age as herself. He just stood there smiling at her. Stella noticed he too had a white tiger. She studied him for a long minute. His hair was a haphazard mixture of brown and blonde, his eyes were cobalt, his skin slightly tanned, and his perfect lips creased in that eternal smile. He was her total opposite.
He held out his hand and said, “My name’s Phil, well, actually my parents wanted to be original and gave me the name Astrophil, but you can just call me Phil. What’s your name?”
Stella shook his hand and stared, her mouth half open, unable to speak. Moonlight butted her in the middle of her back and she sputtered out, “Stella.”

Hope you guys are enjoying the read! Tomorrow's the finale.

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Wednesday, January 5, 2005

Hey everyone! Well, I couldn't really think of anything to talk about, so I decided to post
one of my short stories. I posted one a little while, so I thought, why not another one. It's a little long so I'll post a part of it each day until it's complete. I really hope you enjoy it. And please give me your honest opinions on it!

The Black Boa
Part One

She looked out the window, gazed at her watch, tapped her foot, and glanced at her watch again. The average child would have rushed to the telephone over half—an—hour ago, questioning her grandparents as to their lateness. However, Stella was not the average child and arguably not a child at all. At the age of 16, she had known grief none should have to bare. Just a few months prior both her parents and younger sister were killed in a car accident. It had been a rainy day. The roads slick and the view minimal. The blind semi killed them instantly. Stella was left alone.
She looked out the window again pleading the couch to suck her away into oblivion. The couch was motionless.
Stella hoped her grandparents never came. Of course, she loved them, but their presence made the deaths final in her mind. She did not want things to change.
A word that sent chills up her spine. How she hated that word. How she loathed the very being of it. Change meant hardship, sadness, and most of all death.
To get here mind off the subject she began her twenty—third trip around the house, making sure she had gathered all her belongings.
Stella walked up the attic steps. She breathed in the dusty air, now empty of memories. She had cleaned the attic out last week. She turned to leave when a glint like a golden moth caught her eye. She looked and saw a trunk. She stared at it for a full minute. Nothing had been placed in the attic for over ten years, yet, this trunk seemed brand new. The perfectly trimmed wood was held shut by gold locks, glittering in the watchful gaze of the window.
Stella walked toward it. Half curious, and half mesmerized. She ran her hand along the smooth surface, and breathed in the deep oak fumes. She placed her hand on the lock. The lock fell away; the trunk slowly creaked open.
Stella gasped. She had never seen such beautiful clothing. A rounded velvet hat, a long, slinky black dress, and an exquisite coat, black with an ivory collar and brooch. She gently slid the ivory hued gloves onto her hands. They fit perfectly. The hat next. A fit. Then the dress. As though it was made for her! And the jacket? Perfect!
Stella stroked the beautiful fabrics and was about to quite her game of dress—up when something caught her eye. She must have missed it before, but at the bottom of the trunk was a long, snaking black feather boa.
She reached slowly into the trunk, as though it would lash out and strike her. She held it in her hands. The slowly with the fingers of a sculptor, she slid it over her head and draped it across her shoulders.
It happened. Stella was not sure what, but she knew something had just taken place! She rushed down the attic steps, leaving the trunk thrown open, with its mouth wide, as in a smile.
She flew into the living room, where she had been only moments ago. She gasped. Everything had...changed. She shook her in disbelief. It was as though the house had transformed to match the girl. The furniture was draped in velvet. The floors were as night and the ivory walls shined like the stars.
She stood for a long minute clutching the feather boa, breathing deeply. She had never believed in all her life that change could be so, well, beautiful. A smile creeped onto her face. She felt it coming and tried to blot it out, but her attempts were unsuccessful.
She remained like that for over five minutes, completely mesmerized, until a familiar sound danced into her ears. Soft padded footsteps. Moonlight was coming.

Well, I hope you guys liked it. If you want to know what Stella looks like, just look through my fanart until you find the drawing called "Stella." Hope you're having a great day!

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Tuesday, January 4, 2005

Hey everyone! Good news! sorta...I was able to find the post I wrote for yesterday. Apparently my computer automatically saves things you write on Microsoft Word. So, just pretend I posted all this yesterday ^_^ :

"Well, as you can tell, I’m back! It’s so nice to be home again. Finally, I have the house to myself again. But, I admit, I do miss my relatives, especially my little cousins. Noah is five, Reese is almost two, and they are both as cute as could be. And they both were obsessed with me ^_^;; One night, Noah gave me a huge hug and wouldn’t let go, Reese screamed bloody murder, and ran over to get in my lap, Noah started screaming , so I had two screaming kids fighting each other in my lap. I made Noah get down because he was laughing at Reese for crying, so he ran to my Nanny and said I was mean. It was like that for about 3-4 nights in a row -_- I was pretty much the unofficial baby-sitter the whole time. I did feel loved though. I was shocked but one night Reese gave her dad the cold shoulder so she could stay with me O_O Everyone was totally flabbergasted!
Lets see, what else?...Oh, I went for a ton of driving lessons. I know, you’re probably all thinking, “what?! She’s 18 and doesn’t even have a driver’s licenses?!?!?” well, I do have my permit ^_^;; and I’m working on the licenses thing! It was great driving around though, so much fun, I can’t wait to do it on my own ^__^
I also had a great Christmas! Probably the greatest gift I got was from my brother. He ordered, off ebay, a signed copy of Fahrenheit 451!!! I went ballistic, I was so excited. Ray Bradbury is my all time favorite author and now I have his signature, a pic of him signing the book, and a certificate of authenticity!!! Yes, my brother rocks ^_^ "

Well, I hope you guys have a great day!

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Monday, January 3, 2005

Hey everyone! Well, as you can tell, I'm back! Yes, and I had written a decent size post and then of course, my computer froze -_- So now I've lost all iniciative to write it all over again, sooo maybe I'll just do it tomorrow ^_^;; Forgive my laziness, but I'm not in the mood for re-writing it. So, how was everyone's vacation? Well, hope you guys are having a fantastic day! laters...
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Saturday, January 1, 2005

~~*** HAPPY NEW YEAR ***~~
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