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Hello. welcome to my site. If you come not from a click from my other site, then i'll tell you. i have 2 accounts and this one is just to interact with other users, and the other one is for submitting submissions. You can see my portfolio if you want.
Anyways, i'm not so much run this site cuz i'm a bit busy and not able to log on. But i'll update it as i can. Anyway, does the background exists? it's from kof and i hope it exists^ ^

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Long time no see

Heeyaaah! It's been a long time ago since I appeared here. How long does it goes for? And yeah, I have a very busy days lately so I can't update.
Anyone has deleted me from your friendlists?
Hope nobody do it.

This is my holiday and nobody can get me off my holiday! I love to stay in my house lazily without doing something... and I'm going to tell that if there's someone who is struggling for something, keep struggle for it, whatever thing you're aiming for.
I, myself, really don't have something to get.

Nah, I'm going to have rest once more today, so I won't make a very long post. But... lately I think that... I'm not me, I mean, just like I'm not being myself. I'm purely fake, like I'm trying to be what I should be, not to be WHO I AM.

Are you all feeling so? Or, instead, you've been your own self?

Heeeyaaah. It's not my duty to make you all think seriously! Heeeyaah! Don't mind me!

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