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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

   Questions Worth Pondering Part 2 (Naruto)
1. Where does Orochimaru keep his tongue?

2. Would Sasori be able to eat and drink?

3. How does Sasori's heart beat if he doesn't have lungs or a living body?

4. Wouldn't Daidara get an infection in his innards because of the mouth on his chest?

5. What does Tobi's face look like?

6. Why is Zetsu half white and half black?

7. How did Pein get his nose pierced so far up? There's bone and cartilage there!!!

8. Why isn't Tsunade's back broken, or why doesn't she at least have some serious back problems?

9. Does the spider guy have three sets of shoulder blades?

10. Can Kisame breathe underwater?

Again, answer if you want! ^^

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