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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

   life kinda sucks
Okay to tell all my friends I've been close with (even though I may not know you in real life.) I can say whatever I want.
Okay the thing is I don't have a mom. I haven't seen her since I was 2. Yeah that's fine and all I don't care about my mom. I actually just talked to my lil' brother last weekend. A year ago I found out I had a brother. And I feel so reassured that my bro was okay and he's safe and actually living in the same city as me. So yeah... The thing is I can't tell my best friend how I feel about anything anymore. She always says something that makes me feel worse. V.V *sigh* A while ago she called me flat chested. Which actually did hurt me. Then I made a comment about her size and she said it was "Fucked up". A part of me wants to say
"Well I'm sorry I'm not A F-ing D!"
I dunno, I just wanted to let things out even though some of you may think "i'm being emo" I just needed to let things off my chest...
Err.. I better go.
Bai Bai

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