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Hey this is Maddi!! i really need to fix my site bcuz unfortunately, i am new to the otaku account. hahahah...
but anyways, im just one of those people who just watched a little anime here and there,(of course being inspired my my friends), and later i grew to like it! OMG! haha. well, feel free to sign my guestbook, and whenever i get to that point, take a look at my portfolio! lol...

Monday, January 21, 2008

well school isnt as stressful anymore. Sigh of relief* haha!!! exams are over with, and i passed!! yay! and now i have all the time in the world to update my otaku account. well, try at least! haah!!
i havent gotten any fan art posted yet, but i am working on it. its going to be sooo cool!! yeah!

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

I hate skool....but we all have to get over it sometime....
Its the end of the Semester, and there is just so much work crammed into the weekend. Its hard to keep track!!! Packets, and papers....more every day. It just leaves me here worrying that i might not get it all done in time over the weekend for "exams" on wednesday and Thursday...what happened to our weekends?!?!!? oh well,anyways, i dont think i have it as bad as the students with Ap classes though. That just makes me feel so much more confident(sarcastically)to want to go into Ap english next year. I am smart and responsible enough, but can i handle the challenge??
well for all those out there who are going through what i am right now, good luck!! and i hope you guys do great on those tests!! LOL!

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OMG! i need to post some pics for my site!! lol
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