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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Hi everyone.

I am sorry to say this but I will be taking a leave of absence from Myotaku.

I am not sure how long I will be gone for and I hope that my friends will still be around when I get back. It saddens me to have to leave you guys but as of the moment there are things in my life that require my attention.

I am truly sorry and I hope that you all understand. I will miss everyone and I truly value the friendships that I made here. You guys are one of a kind.

To answer any questions I will not be deleting my site, it will still be up. The reason why I'm leaving is a private matter, though you are all my friends, I don't want to talk about it.

I will miss you all. Thank you for being great friends.

With love,


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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Shigeru Miyamoto must be an alien. I have never seen another human being whose chin is that deeply sunken into his neck like that. What's he hiding in there?

Good morning everyone! How is everyone today? Good I hope.

I forgot to talk about my Christmas. Sorry I totally forgot lol. Was just so excited about the new year. Well my Christmas was very nice. Charles came over to our house to unwrap presents with us. After we unwraped everything Charles and I went to go see a movie. We saw Walk Hard: the story of Dewie Cock. It was a funny movie but kind of grosss but funny. Afterwards we ate at TGIF Fridays. They have good food but I guess when we went it was kind of a bad night. They didn't have some of the ingredients to make some food. It was ok though with us. We went home and relaxed after we ate ^__^.

Of course the obligatory present list:

-A Chinese robe (One side is black and the other side is red. Has a beautiful gold dragon on the back of each side. I was very excited to get it)
-a very nice green purse (I really like the purse that Charles gave me.)
-Kancho (this is like little dough balls that are filled with chocolate. Charles gave me this. He knows I love all kinds of sweets)
-Record of the Lodos War (VHS. This is from Charles ^__^)
-Revolutionary Girl Utena (VHS. Another present from Charles lol)
- Legend of Zelda (the cartoon) DVD. It had 3 episodes on it and they were very funny ^__^. I can't believe Charles found the cartoon. It's really old from when I was a kid and I didn't think they had the dvd out. It was very cool!
-a picture frame
-day planner
-money from my parents
-Sensual Amber Hand Soap from my sister
-A mice warm sweater
-A nice shirt from Old Navy
-a small calandar with pretty pictures in it
-a dress from my mom. I was needing a dress and now I have one lol ^__^.
-a watch from my uncle
-a neckalace from my sister and her husband
-bubbles (I like bubbles ^__^)

That was everything I got for Christmas ^__^. I really enjoyed the day and not because of the presents but because everyone was here and enjoying themselves.

Well that's all for today folks. I hope that everyone has a great day.

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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

So a new year is upon us and it has that new car smell

So how was everyone's new years eve? Good I hope ^__^. My New Years was nice. I played video games all night with my little sister and ate pizza. It was fun ^__^. Today we are going over to my sister's Mother-in-laws house to have dinner. It was nice of them to call us and invite us over ^__^.

So since I was gone for a long time it warrents at least some form of explaination. All of the week before Christmas and for the week after Christmas I was working yes working. Everyday. Boy was I tired. Even though it's just a place to sell fragance Bath and Body Works can be hard since most of the time we are just standing around staring at a wall display. Good thing though is that I don't have work this week. Yay! And my check comes in this week as well so I can only imagine how large it is going to be. *Fantasies*

I won't spend it though. I rarely use my debit card, since it has a direct link to my bank account. Don't wanna overdraw if I spend too much. Cash is easier, since I know how much I have and how much I will need to get something.

Well that's all for now everyone! I hope that everyone has a wonderful New Years Day ^__^.

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Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Years Eve everyone!

Sorry I haven't been around in such a long time. I tell you guys what was happening tomorrow.

For right now I want to say Happy New Years Eve everyone!

2007 has so many memories and it's sad to see it go but 2008 might be full of memories as well. Whatever comes I hope that it is good and that it will find you happy and healthy ^__^.

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Monday, December 17, 2007

I found some money in my pocket!

Hey everyone!

Christmas is next week! I am so excited ^__^! I love Christmas, ever since I was a little kid. Of course the presents had a factor in it but I just love how the season feels ^__^. It's always this time that it gets so cheery and stuff ^__^. Ah I feel like a little kid again lol.

So I went shopping this weekend to get the gifts for my family and friends. For my little sister I got her this Hello Kitty pencil set and a scented eraser ^__^. For Edge, I got him a "Trinty Blood" t-shirt and for my friend Shred got him a hoodie and because he has a site here I will not disclose what's on it. Heheheh ^__^. For my mom I am going to get her a Cd that she really wants but I might have to do it after I get paid. Booo. Though I asked her if that ws ok and she said it sure was ^__^.

I have a terrific story to tell. I thought that I didn't have enough money to pay my cell phone bill and lo and behold in the pocket of my jeans was $40 bucks. I was really happy ^__^. Earlier that morning I had found a $1.00 in my drive way. I should have know that Sunday was my lucky day ^__^!

Well I hope that today brings you happiness and that everyone is healthy ^__^.

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Vampires run the red cross you know

Hello Everyone. Now that school is officailly over (last final was yesterday) I have returned!

Oh yeah it has been a long time since I have been here and I am sorry to everyone who I did not visit while I was gone. Like I told my friend Shred when I was talking to him earlier on Yahoo. I have a Tale of Woe to report.

Obviously the guy I spoke with about my moniter sent the wrong one. So they had to resend everything again. Thank goodness. It was very frustrating because I had papers to write for my English final and since the moniter wasn't working I wasn't able to do anything on the computer. So I had to plan my library computer time around my finals.

Good news on the class fronts. I have a B in 2D art design ^__^. I got a A on my final project for 2D art class. I'm really happy. I'll get Charles to take a picture of it and then post it here ^__^. I'll also get my Drawing 2 final pictures up as well. My teacher liked them and said that they are very pop artish. Cool ^__^.

It's just been very busy and I am glad to be back to my normal posting schedule ^__^.

That's all for today everyone! I hope that you all have a great day!

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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Let's eat shrimp and be angry at him together

Hey guys. A annoying problem with my computer has developed. The moniter's lights (the ones that light the screen, so you can see it) have blown out. Booooo! So I called the people who sent us our computer and they are sending us a new moniter. Yay! I'm guessing it's for free because our warrenty doesn't expire until Feb. 24, 2009. Awesomeness.

So how is everyone doing so far? Good I hope. Due to the annoying problem with my computer it has kept me from visiting everyone. I will try to visit everyone wile I am still at school though. I'm sorry for not visiting.

School is officially over today! YAY! I will miss my classes though because they were good teachers and I enjoyed them. Since I'm sudying art I'll see them later on when I take another class with them in it.

Ok some somewhat big news. I might be in a pageant for the Campus Nerds. A couple of friends of mine are asking me to join the pegeant. M. CAmpus Nerds is what it's called. I'm still thinking because I'm not sure yet. It could be fun and I get to make another costume. Funny thing one of the girls running it said was that because most of the girls are not evening wear
material or swim suit material (Not to sound mean but it's true) they changed those portions to "Gamer Wear" (what you usually wear everyday) and "Cosplay" (a video game, manga, anime, comic book character of your choice). I say awesome to the cosplay because I ma going to go as a .... MOOGLE, cupo. How cool is that? I have to figure out how to do the body suit and the head part but I thik it'll do well.

To make up for not being able to visit everyone, I will throw a party wih lots of deserts and drinks all around! So start artying everyone! And yes the drinks are free, so take as many as you like!

I hope everyone has a geat day!

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Friday, November 30, 2007

Captain Planet he's our hero

Hello everyone. I am back, whoo. Busy busy!

Anyone hear know who the Penny Arcade guys are? Well they a webcomic artist who are very wonderful. They started their own charity to help children who are in hospitals. Every year they do their own game convention called PAX, which is awesome (I want to go one of these days. They are all around great guys. Also this year they started a college scholarship for kids graduating from high school who are going into the gaming industry. Their webcomic is funny as well ^__^. I just wanted to say that about them since they do some much and don't have huge heads about it.

So my art is going well. Just busy with them, almost done with my 2-D art project and just finished inking in one of my pictures for Drawing 2. So far they look pretty good ^__^. Which is pretty good. Have a couple days left til school ends next week.

I hope that today finds you happy and healthy everyone!

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Kick the pairs!

this is Legacyof,Wensdayskitten's boyfriend, and I'm posting for her today. She is busy with school right now and she isn't able to post. The answer to the last post title was from the show "Legends of the hidden temple" so congratualtions to Lordsesshomaru for getting it right. YOur prize is!!!
The good feeling that you know you got it correct! Good job! *High Fives* *Triple Thumbs up*.

She'll try to visit you guys when she can.


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Monday, November 26, 2007

They were last seen in the Shrine of the Silver Monkey

Hey everyone. I had a very nice Thanksgiving. Sorry to everyone that I didn't visit this weekend.

Who remembers what show my title came from? Answer will be posted on...Wednesday (heheheh you know I changed my posting schedule so you'll have to wait til then!)

So Thanksgiving was very nice. Ate a lot of food, to a point where I was stuffed ^__^. One thing I got stuffed on was the Deviled Eggs. I love Deviled Eggs! After Thanksgiving I had work and it was busy at the mall.

Some of the stores had opened at 4 am and others opened at 6 am. It was busy but sort of died down after the morning but picked up again near the middle of the afternoon. After I got off of work I hung out with my sister Norali, her husband and her didn't go to Florida so she was here, and her husbands family.

The next day was shopping day! Woo! I got a bag from my work that is big enough to be used as a bag to carry some books and also some of my art supplies. I'm not going to stuff it because first I have to carry it and second, over stuffed bags are really heavy. I also got new shoes. They are red Mary Janes. I like them they are comfy ^__^.

I bought a game for Charles. He has always wanted to play "Lost Planet." So I bought him the Collectors Edition of it, lucky me that the guy who sold it back to Game Stop also included the Art booklet that came with it. I was like "Awesome!" Another good thing was that the clerk helped me find a game disk that didn't have any scratches or dirt on it. The disk I have has a few smudges but nothing that can't be cleaned off with a clothe ^__^. Awesomeness!

When my family came back my sister had a picture of my baby cousin. He is so adorable! Here's a picture of him ^__^.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

His name is Jaden and he has the fattest cheeks ^__^! I want to bite them!

Thanks everyone for liking my ideas for my projects. Yes LS, that is the cd that people could choose to pay for. On average, most people payed $5 to $8 for the download. Most got it for free though.

Well that's all for today folks! I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend and also have a wonderful day!

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