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Friday, September 2, 2005

This is it
This is it, friends, strangers, my last post here, our last post here. We are not leaving; but we are leaving this as is.

Every so often, we will be here to check up on the private messages and make sure they haven't piled up. Not like they would anyway.

What with school, and other things we have to do, there isn't any time to be here anymore. And with some of the people that are here, we can't afford to stay. It weighs us all down.

Before we go, I am going to delete all of my personal information. This will be nothing more than our last entry and a background. Even the music video and avatar are going, if we can get rid of the avatar.

I bid you all a good day, a nice week, an easy school year, and a perfect life. Ours shall be anything but.

If any of you wish to stay in contact with us, you can email us at wekoalaimara@msn.com, master_of_elements2002@yahoo.com or instant message us on AIM at wekoronshei.

This is good bye, MyOtaku-ers, and this is the last you shall hear of us.


Wekoronshei Alaimara, J'orgaan Ellven'and, Tyler Jaymes Beers, Mashiin Shuuri, Regulus

P.S. No more nicknames.

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