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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Mood: Calmed down...

Reason: ...all has been forgiven.

*sits down on top of mantle above the fireplace*

My sincerest apologizes to all my beloved friends. It has been to long since we have spoken, has it not? Anyone who has anything they wish to say or ask, please do not resist or hesitate for the petals of the Twilight Rose have not fallen upon numbed flesh. I can see clearly, like polished diamond, what had happened and I know that fault was not my own. It has taken long for me to realize this and now that I have, much has become of me. I have started to further my intellectual advances in English and British literature and now I am on my way to become a scholar of great proportions. Even as a student now I teach to those in need of teaching.

Well, if you excuse me I shall retire for today. May the moon and stars watch over you.

~Azrail Seig Delacoiux

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