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Sunday, September 30, 2007

We told our parents about the wedding, and my mom was cool until my stepmom started talking to me, then she decided it was time to start a fight with me over her insecurities. Then his parents were very cautious. They think we're too young and that we should wait an extra year before we get married.

My dad had his tailbone and the vertebra right above it fused on Monday. He's doing really well, and won't rest like he should be, but he's always been really stubborn about being in one place too long.

My parent fought about flights during Christmas break. Mom wanted her way, but Dad's doctors said it couldn't be that way because of the surgery. So they put me in the middle of it, and I ended up telling them that if they decide to go to court over it, I'd ask for custody of my brothers and get it, because I can prove that the environment causes a lot of anxiety issues for them. And then I told them that they need to grow up and act like adults because they were acting like children. Then I said that even if they don't like each other they have to at the very least be civil to each other because they do have kids and they should start acting like parents and set a positive example. Then I hung up the phone.
Dad talked to me the next day and apologized, and he talked to mom the day after. I was very impressed when I heard they apologized to each other and started working together to get my brother to do his homework. Mom wouldn't talk to me for about a week. But she's finally civil.

So, tomorrow morning, I'm going to the doctor.

'Why?' you may be asking yourselves.

Well, I have taken six home pregnancy tests, and all of them are positive. All of them. So, I'm going to the doc to get the official "Positive".

Yeesh things are moving fast. Isaac's moving in with me on Sunday to take care of me. I think I may have to quit school again, because I'm having a few problems already. ::scared::

I keep praying though. So hopefully things will work out.

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