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The name is Ciara. fav. color is purple. Black really, but it's a 'shade'..and I bet no one is actually gonna read this so I'm just going to ramble on about nothing. ::Ahem:: Hmm,..ummm..Oh, I love poker..It'd be awesome if I could be one of those poker superstars you see on tv sometimes... Though when I win, I'm not giving it all to some charity. I think I'd buy myself a nice pair of sunglasses.. considering my other pair was at the airport. Damnit Priscilla, you had to take them, biotch! 0.o' Heh Woo, and no, I'm not being cheap or selfish.. If I ever see another homeless person on the street, I'll give him a buck or two and tell him to get the heck off the sidewalk. Ok, I'm not gonna get into that more, I get easily sidetracked. Hmm..Vampires kick it, so do pirates, I am obsessed with them.. I used to write stories and fanfics about them.. Hmm oh and just last night I watched some vampire movie..I forgot the name, but it kicked ass!! Yeah it did.. though it may not sound like it. Oh who the heck cares? You had to see it. I would ask you to get off your lazy can and go rent it, but… I don't remember the name of it. So I won't ask.. Yeah. Moving on.. I'm broke most of the time… but I somehow manage to wheedle(funny word, eh?) money out of people. Though don't worry, I'll always pay ya back.. If I like you enough. And I'm also really sarcastic. No one gets a reprieve. Im surprised I didn't already leave. Cos I have a short attention span, and I-


::walks away::